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Increasing your home’s value is easier than you think. For instance, you can do some remodeling. It doesn’t have to be major either; small improvements can also pay off.

Curb appeal matters as well. That is, you want it to be welcoming and attractive. First impressions are important, after all.

Take the yard, for example, you want it to look tidy and to do that, you have to mow the lawn.

Not sure when to get out the lawnmower? Need some tips? If so, you’re on the right page. Keep reading for more information!

When Should You Mow the Lawn?

As a general rule, you want to mow the lawn once a week. Keep in mind, however, that there are exceptions; some lawns will need to be mowed more or less frequently.

At the end of the day, it depends on how long the grass is. Generally speaking, you want to cut it when it’s about 3 2/3 inches.

What’s the Best Time to Mow the Lawn?

It’s best to mow the lawn in the early evening. Not only will the sun be less intense, but the grass will also have ample time to recover before the heat comes back the next day.

Assuming that it rained earlier, the lawn will also have dried by the early evening. Remember, you don’t want to cut wet grass as it can result in an uneven trim. In some cases, the clippings can also clog your mower.

Note: Wet clippings should always be removed from your lawn; they can smother growing grass and cause brown spots.

Benefits of Mowing Your Lawn Regularly

Regular lawn mowing does several things. For starters, it’ll make the grass grow more evenly – that way, there won’t be any patches.

That’s not all, it’ll also make it stronger (every time you cut, you’re leaving the healthiest grass shoots).

Finally, it’ll save you money in the long run. As long as your lawn is properly maintained, you won’t have to worry about weeds and other issues, which may require you to buy extra products or tools.

Different Types of Lawn Mowers

There are several different types of lawnmowers that you can choose from. For example, there are gas and electric lawnmowers; there are also some that are self-propelled.

While they all do the job, they do have their differences. For instance, gas-powered lawnmowers tend to be better for uneven terrain. In contrast, manual mowers work best on flat lawns; they’re also better suited for smaller yards.

If you’re looking for a quiet lawnmower, check out Quiethomeguide for some recommendations.

Mowing the Lawn

And there you have it – a short guide on when to mow the lawn. As you can see, time matters so be sure to keep that in mind the next time you’re cutting the grass!

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