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When you’re looking for a new partner as a single parent, there is an entire mental checklist that you are going to go through. You want a partner that is just as good for your child’s life as they are for you, even if they aren’t going to have a major impact just yet. Still, it’s important to think about the different qualities that you can find in a person and how they will affect your child. Here are some of the personal characteristics and qualities that you will certainly want to see in your future partners.


One of the most significant qualities that you will want in a new partner is patience. There are going to be times when you have to put off dates because of your kids. That’s just a part of life. Moreover, you might not be ready to jump into something serious right away, either. You need a partner that is going to match your pace and not hold it against you if you need to take your time and ease into a relationship.

A Willingness to Learn New Things

Another thing that you will want to see in a partner is their willingness to learn new things. If they’re going to spend the night, then they need to follow the house’s routine if your child is home. That means making breakfast, hitting the drop off lane at school, and being willing to learn how to act around a growing child. This can be hard to gauge at first, but it is certainly a sign of things to come if they want to maintain their distance.

The Desire to Depart from Their Comfort Zone

If you find a partner that isn’t willing to take risks that fall outside of their comfort zone, then it’s probably not going to work out. You need someone that is going to be supportive even if it means giving you a hand with childcare or cleanup. If they won’t wipe a nose on a cold winter day, then it’s going to be hard to integrate them into the family.


You are going to have a hard time as you bring in a new partner around you and your child. You might back off unexpectedly or find yourself being very territorial around your kid at first. That’s all normal behavior for people that are just getting back into dating as a parent. What you need is someone that is going to understand what you are going through and be willing to bear with you even when things aren’t perfect.


Last but not least you’re going to need someone that embodies forgiveness. Nobody is perfect, but they should be able to get alone with you and your child even if that awkward “you’re not my mom or dad” comes up. Parents might be used to angry outbursts from their kids bounce back quickly from the event, but new partners might not be. Find someone that is willing to forgive you and your child when things get hard and your relationship will go a lot smoother.

Finding a new romantic partner is a process that is going to take some time and patience. Yet, when you are looking for someone, it’s important to keep in mind the things that we have examined here. The patience of your partner, their ability to learn new things and be forgiving is all necessary. Once you are ready to start looking, a good place to begin is a place like Tendermeets where you can find loving, caring, and romantic dates.


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