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Around 180 million Americans have a grill, proving we’re avid BBQ lovers.

The highlight of anyone’s summer is hosting a backyard BBQ where friends and family can enjoy your grilling skills. But hosting one can be stressful especially when you’re not sure how to decorate your yard or what to serve your guests.

If you’re stumped for ideas for your next cookout, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best backyard BBQ ideas to try.


When brainstorming backyard BBQ ideas, you mustn’t forget decorations to set the ambiance. You can either head to your local store or get your creative juices flowing.

For instance, string lights create an inviting environment, perfect for the evening. You can hang fairy lights around the table area or add them into mason jars on the table. Or wrap fairy lights around porch posts and railings for an embellished look.

And there’s no better way to display your backyard BBQ menu than building one yourself. Paint a large piece of plywood and black chalkboard paint so it looks professional. Then, with acrylic white paint, write out the menu to complete it.

Also, consider your tablecloths. They’re not only functional but tablecloths are the foundation of a charming tablescape. For instance, place a floral tabletop atop a classic red-checkered one for a fun twist.

Or if you’re after picnic BBQ party ideas, lay down a picnic for a casual meal.

Make Your Guests Comfortable

It’s essential your guests are comfortable especially on a hot summer’s day. Create a station where attendees can access fans, sunblock, and bug spray so they can enjoy the party.

Ants and flies are a major issue so pack side dishes in a single-serving lidded jar so each guest gets a bug-free spoonful. And if you’re not keen on bug spray, add sage near your gas grill (after cooking) and it’ll repel mosquitoes.

Also, when brainstorming BBQ party entertainment ideas make use of your pool. If you have one, throw in your favorite inflatables to entertain the kids while adding to the yard’s decor.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a pool. Transform a stock tank into a pool so your guests can get relief from the scorching afternoon.


Now’s the time to teach the budding chefs in your party how to grill a tomahawk steak. But there are plenty of options you can try.

Try these, for example:

Grazing Board

Create a table filled with cured meats, cheese, crackers, eggs, and fresh fruit. Heavy meat and potato dishes may be overwhelming in the heat so a grazing board offers the perfect solution.

You should also provide large bottles of water, plain or infused with summer fruits.


There’s no better way to use your charcoal grill than by sizzling burgers. Serve classic cheeseburgers to keep everyone happy and brush the buns with a layer of garlic butter for extra flavor.

The chef of the house may have their own signature BBQ sauce, the key to elevating any dish. Slather steaks or ribs with it and your guests will love you forever.

Experiment With Salads

Serve an array of salads as they’re the perfect side to your meat dishes. Add a greek pasta salad for a vegetarian option and load it up with cucumbers, tomatoes, and crumbled feta.

Or serve a watermelon salad for a refreshing option. To do this, you dice watermelon then add cucumber and mint.

Label Steaks With Rubber Stamps

Around 24 percent of Americans prefer their steaks well-done, making that the most popular option. Because of this, it’s crucial you serve guests their preferred type of steak.

To do this, cut 10 by 10-inch sheets of parchment paper and stamp “rare”, “medium”, and “well-done” across the tops. Then slide each steak onto the dish with the right label so guests can grab their favorite.

But don’t forget to let steaks or sausages rest as it keeps the meat tender. Keep them under a tented piece of tin foil for 15-minutes so they reabsorb the moisture.


Your guests must have constant access to drinks during the BBQ. Get creative with your refreshments so everyone is catered for.

Consider these, for example:

Create a Bar

Set up an alfresco bar so guests can help themselves. You can even turn a gardening bench into a bar so there’s a selection of beers and bottled drinks amongst your potted plants.

Or repurpose your wheelbarrow by filling it with ice and beer. You should also have two separate ice sources so you have one to chill bottles and another for serving drinks.


End the day with a wide selection of dessert options. This will also be greatly appreciated by the kids.

Try these out:

Mud Pies in a Jar

Hand out mud pies in a mason jar and personalize them if possible. Each jar is layered in vanilla ice-cream with different toppings such as crushed Oreos and hot fudge sauce.

Pro tip: prep ice-cream by scooping it into cupcake liners. Store these in the freezer until it’s serving time, the perfect stress-free solution.

Serve a S’more Cake

Yes, you read that correctly!

Bake a vanilla and chocolate cake and add chocolate syrup with tiny roasted marshmallows. Or, if that’s too much, create individual s’more pots that everyone will adore.

Those Are Our Backyard BBQ Ideas

Now you have a variety of backyard BBQ ideas.

Keep guests comfortable by offering refreshing drinks and sunscreen. Get a stock tank to keep everyone cool and serve their favorite meal. Have fun!


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