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During these unusual and testing times of social distancing, a lot of us are going insane. If someone were to tell us that we would be staying in isolation and not interacting with anyone a few years ago, we would not have believed them even for a second because how could we live in a world where we cannot meet people? How could we live in a world where we had to make sure we do not get into crowds, and staying in confined places with someone sounds like an out-of-this-world deal at this point?

But many people around this world thrive on social interactions. Some extroverts and ambiverts wait eagerly to go out to paint the town red and meet new people and explore new places. As this quarantine took place, it was like their worst nightmares had come true. In the meantime, a lot of introverts are glad that this quarantine happened in the first place. It restricted places for them to go, people for them to meet, and just fueling their introverted-ness to a whole new level. But all three categories of people need some coping to do while in this era of isolation. Living with themselves and their family members for months on end would have certainly made them insane.

To survive during these troublesome times, people took up many different types of their hobbies and turned them into talents that they can show off to the world, adding to the list of what you can do while at home. Here are four types of talents and skills you can master too while sitting at home.

1. Baking / Cooking

Baking and cooking food is ultimately about sustaining ourselves and others. To internalize this advantage, you can make an effort to bring your awareness towards the healthy ingredients and love that go into your baked goodies. Baking is proven to be a therapeutic source for a lot of people during isolation. The whole process of measuring the ingredients like sugar and butter, whisking eggs, and beating creates space in mind. All of this eases negative thinking processes and helps to soothe you on a different level.

These repetitive steps are the main constituents of baking. They provide a calming, meditative effect to take away your attention from being isolated from the world. You can sit at home and bake up cupcakes, brownies, cakes, and what-not to spend your time. There are many recipes and tutorials to help you out online and help you master your skill better. Moreover, you might find a strong connection between your creative expression and overall well-being.

2. Singing

While you are at home, why don’t you let the neighbors know you are working on a skill? Just sing your heart out! Singing is a natural antidepressant, perfect for isolation. Singing is known to release endorphins, which is the feel-good brain chemical that makes you feel content and uplifted. It is a form of exercise which is useful for stimulating overall oxygen circulation and lowering stress by releasing stored muscle tension.

While singing, your overall posture straightens as your chest cavity expands and your back aligns with your shoulders. If you require help on how to better your vocals through training, but you cannot leave the house, online video calling from experts can provide online Skype music lessons to make this simpler for you. Also, if you live in Atlanta, search ‘Private Voice Lessons in Atlanta’ and you’ll get connected to music experts.

All of this will help you stay active while your friends’ lounge around all day long, and here you are, with a posture to commend and skill to show off to people or maybe just a hidden talent for the introverts.

3. Playing an Instrument

If singing is not something for you to take up as a skill, learning how to play an instrument is always a more elegant option. You can think of yourself as one of those opera violinists or the pianists who leave their audience in awe by working the keys with such grace and poise. Likewise, learning to play an instrument will stimulate the brain. It will enhance functions such as memory, thought, and abstract rationalizing skills.

When you are an instrument player, you work hard for a piece to go well, and when you practice enough to make it perfect, a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and pride. Although there are no shortcuts in learning how to play an instrument, you also master to be patient in this field. That alone is a huge key factor needed while being at home. You can take up music lessons to know how to play music better with whichever video calling platform you prefer. May it be zoom music lessons or Skype or Google meet music lessons or even Facetime music lessons! The possibilities of being taught are endless. You can yourself teach as well, after mastering the whole deal, that is.

4. Opening up A Small Scale Business

As mentioned previously, if you have mastered even one of these skills, you are bound to make up a business out of it. On top of that, it would not even feel like work because you are doing something you love and have made a career out of it. Setting up a business yourself is also a talent on its own. In addition to all of the skills mentioned above, you can also pick up something more in your comfort zone. You can set up a collection of books according to their theme and genre and open up a little library. Maybe invite your intellectual friends and have a safe, socially distant evening and have discussions over your favorite literary classics. Or perhaps a candle-making business to have an outlet for your creativity depending on how many wicks, scents, and shapes your customer would prefer. If you fancy arts, you can go towards painting. It could be anything from scenic mountain ranges to cartoon characters or even a random object or person in front of you.

At this point, there are no bounds as to what you can and cannot paint and sell as well. You can even learn how to polish your painting skills online without having any reason to step out of the house.

Final Thoughts

Summing it all up, having several talents to master is not that big of a deal when you have so much time on your hands. Staying at home and having a peaceful environment to learn in is just another motivator to get the best results in your creativity. Your home is a safe place where you won’t face criticism except your teachers, and they too would only provide constructive comments to help you out.

And when you go out to confront the world with your new talent, you can start slow by putting yourself on the internet, and as soon as you pick off, there is no way you are coming back down. So do not waste too much time lying around and doing nothing; take a hobby you love and turn it into a skill that you can make money off while having fun doing it. You may end with a new talent or maybe just a new money-making scheme. Either way, one thing is assured that you will not feel bored while being at home now that you have a few tricks up your sleeve.


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