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Sustainable beauty products are all the buzz right now as beauty enthusiasts try their best to be as eco-friendly as possible. Sustainability, in itself, is a concept that helps ‘woke’ individuals leave the world a better place for the future generation. This includes eliminating plastic waste, adopting reusable products, and replacing toxic ingredients with natural ingredients. Sounds good? That’s the beauty of using sustainable beauty brands: they help beautify you while ensuring that you do your part for Mother Earth.

Looking for some awesome ways to get started on a sustainable beauty routine? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a short guide on how you can get started on your eco-friendly beauty routine.

1. Start with haircare

You can start your eco-friendly beauty routine by switching your conventional shampoo with friendly alternatives. Did you know that over 550 million shampoo bottles are not recycled? Instead of using a single-use plastic bottle shampoo, it is better to get reusable versions of hair products with recyclable packaging. Here are several options on zero-waste shampoo and conditioner that not only give you great hair but are also made with non-toxic products.

2. Remove makeup with a purpose

For most of us, removing our makeup at the end of the day is a satisfying ritual! It effectively means the day is over, and it’s time to bring on some comfy PJs. We generally use cotton pads as part of our daily beauty routine to remove all makeup. Replacing your box of cotton with reusable cotton pads is better for the environment. You could also choose to take it to the next level and ditch cotton pads altogether for some washable makeup remover pads. Such reusable wipes are a friendly alternative to one-use makeup wipes that get the job done! 

3. Switch to zero-waste packaging

Reusable packaging is all the hype. But you know what’s better? No packaging at all. You could take a head-on approach to sustainability by getting beauty and body products with no cover. Many sustainable brands such as The Olive Tree offer soap and shampoo bars that forego excessive packaging. Such bars are not labeled and are presented as-is to the consumers’ delight. If zero packaging is not your thing, you could opt for other alternative packaging made of cloth or tin that can be repurposed after use.

4. Seek out eco-friendly ingredients

Using products that are made of clean ingredients helps not only your skin but also the environment. Some brands use harmful ingredients such as synthetics and sulfates that damage the aquatic environment and cause hormonal imbalance in users. Others such as petroleum take years to break down and include cancer-causing components. Thankfully, most body and makeup brands are aware of such toxins and are doing their part to switch to organic ingredients. As a consumer, making smart choices for yourself and the environment can go a long way.

5. Use refillable products

Refillable products are just that: refillable. Most body and makeup products are single-use only, but some sustainable brands are changing that. You can find several refills that allow consumers to reuse their bottles. One example is the OUAI Fine Hair Shampoo Refill users can get when they’re done with their bottles. And it isn’t only limited to body products. Kjaer Weis makeup is one such brand that offers refill palettes to minimize plastic waste.

6. Recycle, baby!

Try as we may, we may not be able to get rid of all plastic packaging. Sadly, most brands use plastic in one way or another but are doing their part to help minimize pollution. One of the best ways to remain carbon neutral is to find your favorite product in glass bottles. And this isn’t a feat since most brands are switching to glass anyway.

Other ideas include finding brands that promote recycling. For instance, MAC offers its clientele free lipstick should they present six empty lip capsules. Even if you’re using brands that don’t offer such schemes, you could always do your part by recycling! It’s best to separate your degradable garbage and recyclables, so you contribute to sustainability.

Sustainability is the way to reverse some of the environmental damage brought about by our predecessors. It’s never too late to embark on mindful consumption of beauty products.


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