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It is exciting to receive your admission letter to join your dream university. The challenge comes when the institution you intend to join is far from your home town. You have to look for accommodation, otherwise, where will you live? Before you even think about what to pack to look gorgeous now that you are in university, you must figure out where you are going to live.

Housing options for university students can fall into two major categories. You can either rent your own apartment or live in a student accommodation facility. Figuring out the best option to choose can be an uphill task. Remember, you are working on a tight budget. Most probably, your parents or guardian is the one catering for these bills. Therefore, you need to look for an option with friendly terms and most importantly, an environment you can thrive well academically and socially.

Aspects to consider when looking for student accommodation

A. Budget

Budget is the main determining factor of the kind of accommodation to choose. You have to look for housing you can afford least you be thrown out due to arrears. Consider what you or your sponsor can afford without straining too much.

B. Comfort

You have to be comfortable where you are living. Your days at the University are too busy with classwork. Therefore, you should consider getting a place that gives you the much-needed peace of mind after a long day at school. You need a quiet place to relax, unwind and rest so that you can wake up the following day feeling fresh and energetic. It would be so frustrating to wake up feeling tired, yet you have classes to attend. Make sure you are comfortable with your choice of accommodation.

C. Location

Location is another critical aspect to consider when looking for accommodation as a student. Are you willing to cater for transport cost or would you rather walk to school? The impressive thing about living closer to school is that you do not have to leave the house so early to fight with traffic jam. In case you forget something, it will be easier to go back and collect it.

D. Commitment

Before you fully commit to a specific option of accommodation, do your research. It will not be funny to think of changing accommodation in the middle of your course. It can be tiresome and at the same time, expensive. Consider who you are willing to share the space with if you choose a shared accommodation. Do not allow other people to influence you when making this decision. You are the one who is going to live in that place and not them. Only commit when satisfied.

Is renting an apartment an excellent option for a student?

If you opt to rent an apartment, you will have to deep deeper into your pockets. The cost may even go higher if your school is located in major cities. Plus, you will also have to cater for bills and expenses such as food, electricity, water and internet among other utilities. You have to pay your bills on time, manage all your expenses and stick to your budget. If the apartment is not near the school, then you have to pay for transport expenses. If you intend to furnish your space, then be ready to spend a fortune.

While living in an apartment can give you all the privacy and independence life you want, you may end up living a lonely life. As for your good neighbours, they are busy people leading a different lifestyle from yours, and you may not fit into their social class. Living in an apartment as a college student means you miss college life, a life you will never live after graduating. You will also have to spend more on your bills and other needs. All these expenses, put so much pressure in you leaving you with no energy to handle classwork, the main thing that brought you to the university.

Benefits of student housing accommodation

Student housing is top-rated to most students in most universities. In fact, it is said that those people who never spent life in a hostel or student housing missed something crucial in life. Life in such a place is flamboyant, social and full of fun. They offer affordable accommodation to students attending college far from their homes. Most buildings are located near the university with easy access to shops, restaurants, nightclubs and bars, among other facilities.

Staying in a well-established student accommodation facility such as Sheffield student accommodation means getting someone to cater to your accommodation needs as you deal with your schoolwork. Very vital. You will find that such locations accommodate students every now and them. This has enabled the administrators to know the needs of students and how to cater to them.

These facilities have all the amenities the students would require during their stay. This means that you do not need to buy things like furniture, utensils or kitchen equipment like it would have been the case if you were going to rent a house. All you need to carry is your personal belongings, and you are good to go. Besides, you get to enjoy amenities such as state of the art gym, gaming area, a lobby area and beautiful outdoor space. Most buildings are also under surveillance for your safety. If you were to get the same services in a rented apartment, the cost would be too high for a student to afford comfortably. So, instead of spending your money on expensive apartments, book yourself in a lovely student housing. Use the extra pocket money to travel further and wind. You will create memories that you will never forget.

The beauty of getting student accommodation is that you have the freedom to choose from various options depending on what suits your budget and preference. If you are planning to join University any time from now, don’t be frustrated because you haven’t found a place to live in. Student housing accommodation can offer you a stylish yet affordable place to live in throughout your college life.


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