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Relationships start with 90% attraction between two people, and as time goes by, that attraction lowers, and other qualities like empathy, communication, and understanding fill up the gaps in between.

Maybe the free numerology compatibility calculator says you and your significant other are over 80% match, but it doesn’t mean that relationship doesn’t require hard work. Indeed, there are so many things to fight for to strengthen your relationship, and most of them aren’t even based on the initial physical attraction between you.

So, what are those strengths you need to work on and fight for?


The honeymoon phase fades away in just a few months, but it doesn’t mean it’s over with the relationship. Partners who stay together during tough times are more likely to stay together forever.


Being aware of the other person’s emotions is a really powerful aspect of relationships. Partners shouldn’t be afraid to connect deeper, and be each other’s safe space when they feel vulnerable.


Relationships require effective communication. That means you need to know how to talk to your partner but also effectively listen to them. If you know how to communicate easily, you’ll also effectively resolve disagreements and strengthen your relationships.

Independence and Interdependence

Each person in the relationship should know how to balance independence and togetherness. It’s the basis of healthy relationships, even though it doesn’t seem like that in the first place. Remember, the relationship mustn’t stop you from enjoying your hobbies and passions, but you must find time to fit everything in the time you have.

Humor and Smiling

There is no better way to stay together than smiling together. Feel free to joke, but be very moderate, especially if your partner is too sensitive about jokes.

Doing Things Together

Find a way to fill up your time with activities together. Go on weekends, play board games, spend quality time together, and ensure you feel comfortable in that relationship. In the end, if you want to spend a lifetime with that person, you indeed need to do things together daily.

Be Strong For Your Partner

Emotions may fade away, but staying strong for your partner even when things are getting messy is one of the signs it’s worth fighting for in the relationship. Remember, you don’t need to do magic or miracles. Just be understandable for them when they don’t feel themselves. Be their support, their safe place, and you can be sure they’ll do the same for you over and over again.


As you can see, there aren’t too many things to do to strengthen your relationship. All of them are a usual part of each partnership. Remember, relationships don’t require fighting too hard. It’s all about finding the person that makes you feel like you’ve known them forever.

Each of the mentioned strengths contributes to the overall relationship quality, making the couple happy together. A few simple changes in how you act together and what you do together can significantly improve the way you look at your partner (and they at you too).


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