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Whether you’ve been investing in Bitcoin for years or you’ve just started, it’s important to know how to spend your hard-earned savings!

As digital currencies continue to grow in popularity, more retailers are taking notice. Today, you can use your Bitcoin to make a variety of purchases from many different online shops.

Not sure where to start? Today, we’re sharing a list of stores that accept Bitcoin and explaining how the process works.


Looking for new home decor and accessories? Whether you’re shopping for a couch or a painting, you can find it all on Overstock. One of the first retailers to accept Bitcoin payment processing, this store is a go-to for savvy crypto shoppers.

One of the best parts about shopping through Overstock? If you need to exchange a purchase for any reason, you can do so easily, even if you bought the item with Bitcoin.

How does it work? Overstock will simply determine the value of the item in U.S. dollars. Then, they’ll process the refund using the current Bitcoin exchange rate.


It isn’t technically a store, but everyone’s favorite open-source encyclopedia, Wikipedia, does accept donations in the form of Bitcoin. If you’re looking for a way to give back to the general public using your saved funds, this can be a smart way to do so.


As you might expect, Microsoft was another early adopter of this technology. Shoppers have been paying with Bitcoin through this retailer since 2014.

Whether you want the latest iPhone or a new gaming system, you can find all the gadgets you need here. Simply add your Bitcoin funds to your dedicated Microsoft account, and you’re free to shop at the Windows and Xbox online stores.

While Microsoft briefly halted cryptocurrency payments for a short while, it reinstated them quickly afterward.


Twitch is an interactive live-streaming service that delivers content spanning multiple different genres. In addition to viewing videos, users can also purchase and play games on the platform.

In 2014, Amazon purchased Twitch for $970 billion. Since that year, it’s accepted Bitcoin as a form of payment.


Who doesn’t love giving or receiving a gift card? While these small pieces of plastic have long been considered the “easy” way out of a gift, they’re immensely valuable and most people actually prefer them!

Instead of running out to the store to purchase one from a dedicated gift card kiosk, why not head to eGifter instead? Here, you can find digital gift cards for hundreds of different retailers. Once you purchase a gift card using Bitcoin, you can use it just as you would any other card!


Heralded as the first online travel agency to authorize Bitcoin payments, CheapAir allows users to pay for a flight and hotel reservations using cryptocurrency.

The American-owned agency was established in 1989 and helped pioneer the digital travel space. This can be a smart way to see the world without draining your primary savings account.

Concerned about trusting your next getaway to Bitcoin? You can read this post to learn more information on how cryptocurrency works before you buy.


NewEgg is a marketplace site and a direct sales platform. Here, you can find a variety of different IT and computer components, including:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Entertainment systems
  • Gaming systems
  • Smart home devices

These items can be expensive when purchased brand-new in the store. Using NewEgg, you can pay with Bitcoin and ship your new device right to your doorstep.


A mainstay in malls around America in the 1990s, Gamestop has established itself as a long-standing expert in the gaming industry. Not only can you purchase the latest and greatest games here, but you can also trade in your old games for store credit.

While brick-and-mortar shops are still around, it’s easier to simply try out and purchase a new game online. Once you’ve done so, you can make a purchase using Bitcoin if you prefer.


You might not think of using Bitcoin to pay your monthly phone bill. However, you can do so when you’re an AT&T customer. Now, you can complete an online bill payment using cryptocurrency just as you would using a credit or debit card.

By making this a part of your monthly routine, you can stay on top of your spending and make sure you have enough money in your Bitcoin account to cover the full transaction.


Are you thinking about creating your own website? If so, then you can use Namecheap to find the perfect domain name. This service specializes in domain name registration and web hosting, with an emphasis on modest price points and affordability.

Since 2013, the platform has allowed users to pay with Bitcoin. If you’re already spending hours each day working on your website, then this type of seamless transaction makes it that much easier.


No, you can’t pay for your morning cup of joe with bitcoin. However, you can add cryptocurrency to your Starbucks app, just as you would a gift card balance. Then, you can use the app to pay for your goods.

These transactions occur via a third-party program that transformed the app’s digital wallet. Referencing the current exchange rate, the wallet converts Bitcoin into dollars that you can spend on the spot.


Like eGifgter, Gyft is another digital gift card database. There are more than 200 different shops to browse and retailers to peruse. If you find a specific store that you want to buy from, you can use Bitcoin complete that purchase.

Then, once the card is in your possession, you can spend it on the site just like cash. This means you can check out at a retailer’s location even if they don’t accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Home Depot

Are you in the mood for a DIY project? If so, you can find all of the supplies that you need at Home Depot! This fixer-upper haven allows Bitcoin through the use of digital scanners.

This technology enables them to expand their payment options without investing in a ton of new, expensive technology. Now, you can check out with Bitcoin whether you’re buying new floors, tools, or plants for the backyard.

AMC Theatres

There’s arguably no better way to spend a rainy day than at the movie theater! AMC Theatres is one of the most popular and recognizable names in the business, with a history of delivering quality shows at an affordable price.

Now, you can buy tickets to the next show by using a variety of different payments. In addition to cash or card, you can also check out with Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, and Bitcoin! Other forms of cryptocurrency accepted at AMC Theatres includes Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Dish Network

Need to make a monthly payment for your Dish satellite television? You can use Bitcoin to pay down your bill! The company added this form of payment back in 2018, allowing customers to pay with either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

While you can log into the account to pay a one-time balance that way, note that you will need to have exact change before you check out. In a similar vein, you can also use Bitcoin to pay your Sling TV balance!

Etsy Sellers

While Etsy doesn’t allow Bitcoin payments on a sitewide basis, there is a workaround. This website, which allows thousands of creative makers to showcase and sell their wares, does allow each seller to set their own payment processes.

While cash, cards, and gift card remain the most popular forms of payment, sellers can opt to include “other payments” in their plans. If you click on that option, you can simply message the seller and request to check out using Bitcoin.

If the seller approves and agrees with your request, then they can work out the details from there. Usually, this simply means sending you their Bitcoin address so you can complete the transaction. Users can set up a similar program using Shopify.


With PayPal, you can use Bitcoin at checkout when you’re ready to make a purchase. In addition, you can also use your PayPal account to purchase, sell, or hold Bitcoin.

The only thing to keep in mind? Like a traditional bank, PayPal holds your crypto and manages your crypto wallet. This means they’re the technical owners of it.

Shop at These Stores That Accept Bitcoin

Don’t let your Bitcoin sit on the shelf, unused. You worked hard for it, and you deserve to spend it the way that you choose. While these are some of the stores that accept Bitcoin, this list is far from exhaustive.

As cryptocurrency gets hotter, you can expect this list to grow as more retailers follow suit. Along the way, we’re here to keep you updated on all of the latest news. Check out our other guides to discover new tools and technologies!


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