interior wooden stairs

When you say renovation or redecoration, what do you think about? Most certainly your mind flies at wall colors, floor types, tile styles, furniture, appliances and many more. But, did you ever think about the stairs? Stairs exist both in old and new homes and are often that part of the house that is ignored during a renovation or redecoration process. The truth is that staircases have a significant impact on the look of a house and its interior space. Include the staircase in your home remodeling project and you will not regret making such a choice.

While it is true that a staircase has a practical purpose, it can also be a highly decorative and attractive corner of a house. So, if you really want to refresh the aspect of your home, a staircase refurbishment should be part of your plan. How to make this part work in your case as desired, so you can enjoy the best results for your home? First of all, you need to hire a company with experience and knowledge in staircase refurbishment. This way you can be sure that you will invest in a high-quality remake of your staircase and that the final result will be durable and aesthetic.

At the moment, it may be hard to imagine that your staircase can look different than it currently does. But, it is worth knowing that there are bespoke solutions that can completely change the aspect of a stairway, bringing its design up to date and making it an integrated part of your house. When a homeowner decides to redecorate the interior space, a discrepancy can emerge between the design of the rooms and that of the staircase. In other words, the rooms will look neat and modern while the staircase will appear outdated, if not even neglected in the case of older homes.

When it comes to renovations or redecorations, the best result is the one that will provide a balanced design. After all, the whole purpose of a renovation is to update your interior space, to improve it and make it more comfortable, in order to enjoy the time you spend at home. Considering that a renovation can be a rather costly project, you should carefully choose the contractors for each task you have in mind. A reliable contractor will provide the best solution in your case while keeping your budget and requirements in mind. If you’re looking for staircase refurbishment, Abbott-Wade is a leading company in this sector, on the UK’s market. The high number of satisfied customers and successfully completed projects recommend this company as one of the best you can choose.

Abbott-Wade has what it takes to bring your staircase to life and redeem its former elegance. Whether you’re looking to give it a more modern aspect or you’re looking to revive its original look, the staircase refurbishment services provided by this company will definitely provide the kind of results you’re looking after. If you want to see it for yourself, just take a look at the company’s portfolio and you’ll have a clearer picture of how your staircase could look. Of course, Abbott-Wade’s experienced professionals will be more than capable of making recommendations and offering support, so that you will be entirely happy with the final result.

At the end of the process, it will be like you just installed a new staircase in your home. Yes, no one will believe that you’re actually having your old staircase in place. Due to a high-quality staircase veneer, the old staircase will be brought back to life and it will be made to merge with the rest of the house’s design. Starting with the traditional staircases with wood elements to forget steel and glass, there is a solution for every staircase out there. Regardless of what you have in the plan or even if you’re not that sure how you can refurbish your staircase, it is definitely worth contacting Abbott-Wade. It’s enough to bring your ideas along and some images with your current staircase and you will receive all the guidance you need to transform the looks of your interior space as desired.

The staircase is a large indoor structure and has the ability to capture a lot of attention, from every person that walks inside your home. Even you notice it day after day, in spite of the fact that you’re used to its presence. This is why you should include it in your renovation plan. Your home will look like a whole and will trigger a much more pleasant visual effect if the staircase is refurbished as well, not just the surrounding rooms and space. Maybe you could use some improvements to the current staircase, as an additional step or safety elements. For families expecting children, securing the staircase is definitely one of the main priorities.

It doesn’t matter if you want to refurbish a staircase out of practical or aesthetic reasons because Abbott-Wade will have it covered. Let the team know what you need and what you have in mind and you will obtain the best solution at a more than accessible price. Quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction are top priorities for this company with an extended experience in staircase refurbishment.


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