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Physical movements cause you off-guard sometimes, especially when performing rigorous activities such as working out, running, climbing, or dancing. There might be some instances wherein you feel uncomfortable with your body. All women experience this scenario especially for those ladies who were gifted with great cup sizes.

To move freely and comfortably, some designers and tailors come up with a sports garment. Wearing athletic brassiere ensures the safety of your breasts. It will also keep your bust tight and comfortable in any kind of movement. In this article, we will share with you some interesting facts about sports bras. Let’s jump right in!

1. First Prototypes in the Year 70s

In 1975, they invented the first-ever prototype sports brassiere referred to as Free Swing Tennis Bra. Generally, this sport is common to most countries and the woman players normally wear fit upper wear and a mini skirt. In this way, they can freely move without any hesitation.

Glamorize Foundations Incorporated designed this garment for athletic women. According to Deadspin, the garment features zero support which means, it cannot be used for heavy activities.

2. The Jockbra

Polly Smith and Lisa Landahl were inspired to develop a brassiere that brings comfort even if you’re running. The funny remarks of Lisa’s husband became the epic idea to produce a comfortable garment. He said they should come up with a Jockbra.

The jockstraps were stitched together to provide a tighter grip and hold for the breasts. Some brassieres are even crisscross at the back for a stylish design. Just imagine a thick garter being sewn on the side of the cups as straps and another thick garter on the cradle part. It doesn’t only provide support and comfort but also flexibility due to the stretchable straps and cradle.

After that, they teamed up eventually with Hinda Miller and produce the Jog bra. They created the brassieres for women who do heavy physical activities such as sports, gym, or dancing.

3. A hybrid design brassiere for busty cup sizes

During the late 80s, an avid volleyball player who goes by the name Renelle Braaten become inspired to develop a comfortable garment. She was sick of wearing two sports brassieres at the same time. Aside from it still brings discomfort, it makes you sweat a lot more due to two garments worn. With this scenario, she comes up with an Enell Sports Bra. This brassiere was developed with a hybrid design that allows busty women to wear it within their comfort.

It was designed with encapsulating cups, thick material, and provided ultimate comfort. If you visit the Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba, you can still find this sports bra online. Due to its practical design, Renelle was even interviewed by Oprah and her brassieres become even popular to women with larger cup sizes.

4. Professionals Studies the Boob Movement

Well, the title may seem funny, but professionals studied the impact of the physical body movements on woman’s breasts. According to Joanna Scurr, Ph. D., a study researcher, and leader at the University of Portsmouth did some research on how your breasts handle physical activities.

She compared a slow movement versus a fast activity such as jogging and sprinting. To her surprise, the results are just the same. As the bottom line of her research, no matter what activities a woman does, a good quality sports brassiere is important to secure comfort. Thereafter, she had concluded that wearing encapsulated bras can reduce the discomfort and pain up to 73% instead of going braless.

5. Life Cycle of a Brassiere

According to the Brand Champion, the life cycle of a bra is just for about 6 to 12 months. Of course, it depends on the quality of the material used. The physical movements and laundry can cause your bra to get damaged easily.

Some brassieres may loosen up their grip and the textile material and color may fade eventually. As much as possible, you should replace the bra every 6 to 12 months.

6. A bra that can Detect Cancer

Surprising, isn’t it? Is there a brassiere that detects cancer? Well, it might be impossible but with the advanced technology, it is possible. An 18-year-old student named Julian Rios Cantu assembled a team for research and developing a prototype bra.

He decided to develop a brassiere that detects any activities inside the breasts. He was inspired to create this garment as an honor to her mother who has breast cancer at that time. He equipped the garment with 200 small biosensors that help map the structure of the breasts. It can monitor the temperature, texture, and color changes.

If the bra is worn for about 60 to 90 minutes per week, it can compile enormous data and monitor any forms of changes or health risks. The result can be monitored using an app. However, this invention is still in progress and subject to a series of experiments. If this brassiere will pursue, they can even able to come up with an athletic garment with biosensors in it.

7. Sports Brassiere with a Smartphone Holder

In modern times, they invented a sports bra with a phone holder on the back. Some designers developed this idea because some women love to listen to music while working out, running, or dancing.

The phone holder was created with a material that can resist sweat or liquid. You don’t need to worry if your phone will jump off your brassiere because these garments provide a tighter grip and hold. It doesn’t only provide a sustainable comfort but also doesn’t deprive you to music.

8. Minimize the Risk of Sagging Breasts

Why does sports bra exist? First, it helps you achieve comfort while doing some physical activities. Secondly, it reduces the risk of having a sagging breast.

You can maintain the upright, perky, and lifted appearance of your breasts if you use brassieres regularly. However, you shouldn’t wear a very tight garment because it may cause you to discomfort in the long run.

Did you find this information surprising?

Sports brassieres are significant garments for a woman. It helps them move physically without discomfort and pain. The garment supports the breasts with a perfect grip and hold. It is very surprising to discover that from the old times until this modern era, the designers didn’t stop inventing a quality and comfortable bra to wear.


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