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Most people experience back pain or spinal discomfort at some point in their lives. Depending on the circumstances that surround such pain and discomfort, it can be nothing or it can be serious. Elderly people are more likely to get back pains or suffer from spinal issues that are not too serious in nature but are simply a result of old age. However, if you are young and healthy and all of a sudden you are starting to get spinal issues, then it might be necessary to seek professional medical help. Here are some red flags that you should be seeking medical intervention for your spinal issues.

Severe Pain

Experiencing some pain every once in a while may be nothing to worry about. However, if that pain persists or starts getting too severe, then it might be a sign of a bigger spine issue that needs professional intervention. Not all back issues are caused by spinal issues, but if the pain is too severe then it would flag that something could be seriously wrong with your spine and the only way to make sure and to treat your symptoms right would be to seek professional medical help. Your severe back pain could be accompanied by other symptoms that mean something is not right. These symptoms could include dizziness or chills and fever that often come as a package to deal with the pain in your spine. In which case, it would be a clear sign you need professional attention.

Spinal Injuries

If you have suffered from any kind of spinal injury at any point in your life, then seeing a medical professional would be essential. Even if your injury happened a while ago, it is still important that a professional practitioner monitors your spine to maintain its functions. California is a big state that sees cases of spinal injuries on a regular basis. If you are based in San Mateo and have suffered from a spinal injury, then you would be easily able to locate clinics with professionals who can help you recover from your injury. Sometimes spinal injury pains return to those who suffered from accidents in the past and it might need some specialized medical attention to get your spine healthy again.

Loss of Bladder or Bowel Control

One of the main spine issues that could indicate you need medical attention right away is the loss of bladder and bowel control. Many people get ashamed of admitting those spinal issue symptoms to medical carers, but they could lead to even bigger medical issues if not treated effectively and quickly. The loss of bladder or bowel control could indicate there is something wrong with the nerve endings in your spine that help your brain control the body’s functions. Only a medical professional would be able to help with such an issue in the spine so do not sit on it if you start noticing something is wrong.

Numbness in Limbs

When your spinal issue is starting to cause you occasional numbness in your arms or legs, then do not hesitate for a second to go see a professional right away. Similar to loss of control over your bowel or bladder, numbness could indicate there is an issue with the nerves of your spine that control the rest of your body. It is not something that you should try to heal yourself or live with. It is certainly a clear sign that professional attention is the right way to go when these symptoms start appearing.


If you have any kind of infection in your back or neck that has gotten to your spine, then go straight to a professional for quick attention. Infections can progress really quickly and can even be fatal in some cases if not treated appropriately. Regardless of what caused the infection in your spine, whether it was an injury or a procedure that has gone wrong, the important thing is to see a doctor quickly.

The spine is the center of control for all bodily functions. When your back or neck hurts, it might be a little bit of exhaustion or a non-serious sprain, but it could also be a serious spinal issue that requires professional intervention. When your spinal issues start affecting your overall well-being, then do not hesitate to go see a professional and get the attention you need. Make sure you do not wait too long after suffering from a spinal issue so that you can get proper treatment as soon as possible before the issue gets even more serious. Take on any advice your medical professional tells you and keep them updated with any health concerns.


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