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Most people describe their first solo travel experience as an eye-opener. Traveling in a foreign land could be troublesome and frustrating in a lot of ways. There can be instances of getting lost, language barrier problems, culture shock moments, and other things that you can experience upon stepping on foreign land. But, according to most of them who ended up travelling alone not out of choice but out of circumstances, often say the trip gave them ample opportunities for growth, boundless freedom and enough time for self-reflection. It’s normal. Everyone is afraid of new things and activities. We don’t get exactly in a second, even if these are great things that bring lots of benefits, for example, watching a new Netflix series, placing bets at 22bet online, or trying a new hobby. The same thing is about solo traveling. It can be enjoyable, but how to start it? Here are some things you should consider before going on a journey alone.

Take Responsibility

The solo journey is about new manifestations of you. A big responsibility lies here: if you drag along old patterns of behaviour that need to be revised, there is a risk that the new experience becomes a reflection of them. Give yourself to the practice of change consciously. Observe what happens inside and outside.

And there is one more essential thing. If you decide to go solo, say: “Everything that happens from now on is entirely my responsibility.” Listen to this phrase. No one is responsible for your decisions. What if you spend a whole year on the road? You have to be prepared for the past environment to disappear and no rescuers to pull you out of the jungle of new experiences. Only you will decide what to do next.

Remove the Unnecessary Things

When travelling, try to pay attention to your value judgments and reactions. You’d be surprised how cleverly your brain hangs tags on strangers, drawing their biographies in a split second. All this dubious analysis goes on endlessly, from morning till night, until at some point the stranger surprises you to the core by showing qualities you didn’t expect from them at all. You will learn to see people’s actions, not your own thoughts about them.

The same principle will work for yourself. You are probably used to giving yourself certain scores. Prepare to constantly have to readjust your personality to respond appropriately to spontaneous changes. Each adjustment you make in response to the new conditions will become a facet of your new identity.

The more often you practice change, the greater the challenge your internal management system is ready for. Start small: one day you decide to stay in a hostel for the first time, the next you go to a music festival and spend the night in a tent on the edge of the forest. After a few months of this training, you can go to South America and study Spanish for six months, experiencing another culture.

Is It Scary?

When thinking about solo travelling, it’s fair to ask: “Isn’t it scary to travel in an unfamiliar country all by yourself?” It’s scary, of course. And that’s why you should try it!

You will have to face countless limitations and overcome your inner attitudes. Being alone is an extremely uncomfortable story. When you arrive in a new city, you will have to start all over again because the environment will change completely. Think back to your first day of school and multiply that excitement by a hundred. Of course, you’re bound to be scared of something but be sure to keep in mind that there will be plenty of situations where you can get over it. That’s much more significant.


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