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Covid 19 has brought a lot of panic in the corporate world of business and economics, but we will not let that stop us from becoming productive and employed individuals. The pandemic locked everything down, from bars to spas, and many places around the world are still under lockdown. If you are job hunting during this time you really need to prepare yourself for the new reality we live in. Here are some tips on how you can look for a job during these given circumstances.

Whilst it might feel like looking for a needle in a hay stake, job hunting with covid is a series of LinkedIn scrolls, cover letter after cover letter, and emails. This pandemic might just be a blessing for most tech people because people are technically now doing everything online.

At the same time, there are also other jobs that haven’t been affected much by the coronavirus pandemic but in cities like New York the entire job market has been impacted, leaving a large number of people unemployed. People across all sectors have been impacted, locksmiths, personal trainers, workers within the food manufacturing industry, teachers, shop owners and service providers.

Being creative and innovative to traditional jobs becoming digital is not always easy but here are some tips to get yourself ready for the digital workspace.

Without wasting much time, here are smart tips to get a job during covid.

1. Get comfortable with remote interview reality

For introverts, this is probably a gift and their area of comfortability. As seen, most job interviews have been online as a way of restricting human physical interaction, all in the name of social distancing. Despite there being an actual presence of the interviewer, one should strive to create an emotional connection with the interviewer.

Know how to position the camera, with the perfect lighting that amplifies you and insinuates you, and always make sure your microphone is working. Just like a non-virtual interview, a person will still have fatigue and anxiety.

Other side notes for virtual interviews:

  • Make eye contact by looking directly at the webcam
  • Dress professionally
  • Nod and smile
  • Use your hands to establish a connection

2. Polish your resume or curricula for bots

The machines that read resumes target certain words that are initially used to pick out individuals who are suitable for the job, like using synonyms or jargon may cause the machine to overlook potentially relevant information.

Other side notes on the resume creation:

  • Customize the resume for that particular job
  • Focus on the last ten years of your career
  • No pictures, please

3. Pump up your LinkedIn profile

Love or hate LinkedIn, it is your best friend at this time as it provides you with networking that is online, unlike our usual way of going to functions and talking to potential employers. Now, you have to be attractive online; your online presence should be very noticeable and appealing. These are some tips to have that killer LinkedIn profile:

i. Craft a compelling summary

Be sure to include the most recent and relevant information about your professional achievement, and also add those unique hobbies or extra activities that make your profile outstanding.

ii. Add projects to your experience section

What a job needs is awareness of the field, which should be distinctly shown and provided in your profile. Outline where you have worked, what you have worked on, and some ideas and inputs of your own. Also, add special positions and also promotions.

iii. Include links to personal protest

To make you relatively versatile and professionally appealing, you need to have those side things you do apart from that degree. Always add them to your profile.

iv. Establish your thoughts as a leader

You need to represent what a versatile resume says, and this can be seen in your posts on your LinkedIn account; your thoughts and ideas always relay your character to a future employer.

v. 360 your recommendations

Don’t just add that boss that liked you from your last workplace but add anyone you feel has the right and appropriate views about you. This person should be someone you trust.

4. Always stay online or have the latest newspaper

Most jobs are being posted online to allow them to reach a wider range, and also, since there is a pandemic, it is the most relatable perfect place to advertise jobs. Newspapers are also the best way to find jobs in the jobs section. So, stay connected to any potential companies you would like to apply to and make sure to daily check the jobs advertised at all (!) of the big job listings sites.

5. Don’t read too much into job titles

Titles no longer mean much now because usually, they will be looking for something different. Hence, one shouldn’t be discouraged by job titles. The title really doesn’t limit you and isn’t supposed to intimidate you whilst you are applying for the job initially. You must always know that you don’t have to be a hundred percent of what the requirements are.

A last piece of advice

This small list only guides you through some of the things you can do as you look for a job during the pandemic. Some of these do not only apply during this period, but you can use these tips any other time that you are looking for a job. If you are getting a new job and must work from home, or if you already are doing this, you should read the article about how to “upgrade” your home office to make it a bit easier, and a lot more comfortable, to commit to remote work.


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