red toyota pickup and small travel trailer

Sure, camping trips are great! They help you get away from your monotonous routine and relish some quiet and peaceful time amongst nature. But, who has the time to chalk out a week or two for a camping trip, right? Whether you like it or not, you have to get back to your boring routine because you still have to pay the bills.

Thankfully, you can always plan short trips!

Short trips are like power naps. They are short and brief, yet extremely effective. And, while you’re at it, you may also want to consider small travel trailers.

Traditional RVs are bulky and usually not ideal for short trips. On the contrary, small travel trailers provide the ideal solution for short camping trips.

Small travel trailers, as the name suggests, are the smaller siblings of the traditional motorhomes. They come with just the right amount of space and features to get you through your short camping trips with ease. Luckily, you can also get some of the best deals on small travel trailers from certain websites like Zervs.

Here’s looking at some reasons why small trailers are an excellent solution for your short trips.

They are compact and lightweight

When it comes to camping, sizes do matters! And, by that, we mean the size of your trailer RVs. The last thing you want on your short trip is dragging around a bulky truck. Just the thought of driving the bulky trailer can be daunting enough to cancel the trip. In contrast, small travel RVs are compact and lightweight.

Typical pop-up trailers weigh just about 3,500 pounds, or less, compared to larger camping RVs that can weigh up to 5,200 pounds. Besides, small trailers can easily be towed to your pick-up or an SUV. As a result, small trailers are easier to manage and travel around with. You can also get various ultralight trailer options that may weigh as low as 1,500 pounds.

Simply put, if you fancy the most convenient and hassle-free way of enjoying your short camping trip, small RVs are the way to go!

More storage and parking space

One of the most annoying aspects of taking your RV for a camping trip is finding the right parking spot. Their conventional bulky nature makes it a rather tricky task to find the ideal parking space.

Forget about camping; just parking the RV on your driveway can be a challenging task in itself. However, that is not the case with its small trailer counterpart. Small trailer RVs can squeeze into any tiny spaces due to their compact profile.

You can easily park them in your garage and take them out whenever you crave short trips – simple and convenient.

Smaller RVs also provides just the right amount of storage space. Of course, their storage capacity will be significantly lower than that of regular camping trailers. However, they do offer adequate space for small trips considering you will pack light for such trips.

More affordable

Planning a recreational trip can be quite fun! However, all those fun can come at some rather considerable cost. It is no secret that purchasing a camping RV can set you back by quite a substantial amount. Even used trailers do not exactly come cheap. Add that with its extra maintenance cost, and you have yourself an empty pocket to worry about!

In contrast, small trailers are more affordable, and their maintenance cost is also significantly lesser. On average, traditional motorhomes can cost you up to twice (or more) as more as small travel RVs.

Also, since you can easily tow them to your minivan or a pick-up, you do not have to worry about filling an additional fuel tank. Besides, an SUV or a minivan is likely to offer superior mileage than an RV truck. In a nutshell – you can cross out the fuel cost while planning your next camping with a small trailer.

Easier to drive

Many people may not be aware of the fact that driving your regular sedan to work and driving a trailer RV are two completely different things. They offer two completely contradicting driving experiences.

Driving a trailer truck is a considerably more demanding and strenuous task compared to your regular car.

For one, you will not be able to casually drive the truck with just on hand on the wheels. Maneuvering a U-turn or a tight parking space can be quite challenging, given their, rather, robust steering.

However, one of the most demanding aspects of driving a regular-size RV truck is backing it up in a constricted space as you have a minimal rearview, unlike your regular small cars.

The weight of the rig also plays an important role. The larger the car, the harder it is to navigate it around the traffic. This is particularly concerning as you may have to drive through mountain passes and also do some off-road driving as well.

More flexible camping options

Usually, with standard trailer RVs, your camping venue options may be fairly limited. After all, there aren’t many camping spots that can accommodate a 40’ motor caravan.

Unless you scout the venue in advance, it is not ideal for taking your bulky trailer out on a short trip. You may end up wasting your trip duration driving around the woods, looking for a spacious camping destination to accommodate your sizeable RV.

On the contrary, small travel trailers with their compact size allow you to easily set up your camp anywhere.


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