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Sensitive skin calls for products that sooth, calm, and nourish. There’s a reason for that, these products reduce the chance of a skin flare-up and leave your complexion feeling hydrated rather than irritated. However, finding the perfect products for your skin is easier said than done, so follow these tips and tricks to leave your skin feeling the best it possibly can.

Medical Essentials

You may have to add an extra step in your skincare due to a recent wound or abnormal irritation to your skin, in which case you must be a little more vigilant with cleansing. For example, adhesive remover wipes are a no-sting solution to wiping away adhesive residue from your irritated stoma and makes removing your skin barrier simpler. Thus, preparing the skin for the application for a new barrier plate becomes a smoother process. Make sure that you consult your doctor on the best products to use to make injury recovery for your skin as comfortable as possible.

Less Can Be More

There are so many products out there now that it might seem overwhelming to choose one type of product and stick to it. But by stocking up on multiple brands of the same product, your bank account will suffer, and you will just end up with lots of wasted product that goes untouched. In addition, exposing your skin to so much different product with different ingredients does not allow your skin to settle into a routine and the product cannot work its magic. You may end up overloading your skin. Do your best to come up with a skincare routine that suits your skin type the most, and stick to those products.

Choose the Right Moisturiser

Moisturiser is a product that you can only get the best out of when you are familiar with your skin and the kind of treatment that is right for it. Understanding your skin type is essential, and these types are usually grouped into five different categories: dry, oily, sensitive, combination, and normal. For sensitive skin, moisturisers with fragrance-based ingredients may trigger a dryness or burning to your skin, so you want to avoid these and instead opt for hydrating products like hyaluronic acid solutions.

Face Masks

Face masks may seem a little daunting if you have sensitive skin, due to the sheer amount of different types, but if you find the perfect one for your skin then your face can feel revitalised and fresh. They are more indulgent as they are considered more so a pampering product, so they are certainly not an essential part of your daily skincare routine. Look for masks that contain acids, such as soothing decongestant masks. Or, why not research homemade DIY face mask recipes, to ensure that the products that you put on your skin contain ingredients that work for you personally. Plus, if you already have the ingredients at home, it may end up a cost-efficient solution too.

Final Thoughts

While finding a comfortable skincare routine may seem intimidating or near enough impossible if you have sensitive or irritated skin, there are actually lots of products out there that cater to your skin type. Take some time to explore your options before deciding on the products that you will use daily, and make your skincare journey more enjoyable rather than a chore.


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