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Scheduling beauty appointments every week, spending hours in salons and spending a large chunk of your budget on your beauty regime and self-care might not be habits that are serving you. However, taking care of ourselves and looking our best are important habits that many of us want to prioritise. How can we find balance between the two sides?

If you want to be taking good care of yourself and look good at any moment, but you don’t want to be spending all your time and money on achieving the perfect look, here are 7 ways you can simplify your beauty regime in 2022.

Permanent Hair Removal

Whether you choose to wax or shave at home or have a weekly waxing appointment permanently booked in your schedule, the habit can be tedious and expensive.

Permanent hair removal might be more expensive upfront, but in the long term, you’ll be saving money and time by getting laser hair removal in Utah or in an area accessible to you. The treatment can last for at least two years. You might need to book a few maintenance sessions over a couple of years, but this is much less time consuming and expensive than monthly or weekly waxing.

Lash Lifts

Spending ages curling your lashes and using tonnes of mascara every day can be frustrating and expensive if you’re opting for a good quality mascara. Removing mascara is also no easy task and requires the daily use of makeup remover and cotton rounds, which makes the cost add up even more.

Getting a lash lift is a great way to keep your lashes looking full and voluminous without a drop of makeup. The treatment can last up to 6 weeks and will shave time and money off your beauty routine.


Achieving the perfect brows is yet another journey that we’re constantly spending time and money on. Getting our brows waxed, plucked or threaded every two weeks, only to spend more money on filling them in with brow gels and powders can be a tedious chore.

If your brows are thin and wispy, microblading is a great alternative to filling them in with makeup each day. After only 2-3 sessions your brows will look full and have a perfect shape without a touch of makeup and you won’t need to have them reshaped and touched up.

Do More At Home

A great way to spend less time and money on your beauty routine is to do as much as possible at home. If the permanent and semi-permanent treatments listed above aren’t your scene, there are still ways for you to better manage your self-care.

Hair removal is one area where you’ll definitely be able to get away with a home job. Purchasing pot wax and a good pair of tweezers is all you need to do the job, and instead of spending loads of time at different appointments, you’ll be able to pick one day of the week to give yourself a full pamper session.

Invest in a Gel Lamp

If you only feel like you have your life together when you have a fresh manicure (we get it), you’re probably spending loads of time and money in nail salons. Make 2022 the year you upskill and start doing your nails at home.

A simple coat of polish can do wonders, but if you’re a gel-lover and need the extra layer of protection, consider investing in an LED/UV lamp to use at home. Gel polish is extremely easy to work with and… Who knows? You might discover a new passion and start a side hustle with your new skills.

Cut Back on Skincare

If your skincare routine involves 17 different steps, a kilogram of products and about 3 hours to complete, it’s probably time to cut things back. When it comes to skincare, less is often more, and you might be overloading your skin with unnecessary products.

Dial it back to basics like a good cleanser, toner, moisturiser and one or two serums, with a hydrating mask on the weekends and an exfoliant once a week.

Create a Personal Uniform

Our wardrobes are yet another area where we waste both time and money. Having an overflowing wardrobe, impulse buying fast fashion and spending ages each morning trying to piece together an outfit are habits that go hand in hand together.

Try out the concept of a personal uniform – this will help you spend less money on better quality clothes and always know exactly what to wear.


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