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Most wives are always thinking about how to be the best partner, but they might not know how to do little things that benefit both them and their spouse. Marriage takes teamwork, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out of your way to put a smile on your partner’s face now and again. These little ways to say “I love you” can add excitement to your marriage and bring you both closer together.

Write a Poem

You don’t have to be a natural poet to express your thoughts to your spouse in this timeless romantic gesture. Poetry writing is also an incredibly cathartic art form, one that you might find yourself enjoying far beyond the one-time experience of crafting a hand-written profession of your love. If your spouse is the sentimental type, then a poem from you will definitely be something they cherish. Taking the time to write your poem can also be a good way to take some time to reflect on your marriage and all the things you love about your partner.

Prepare and Serve Breakfast in Bed

Make a quick and healthy breakfast for two before enjoying it side-by-side in your bed. You don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn and whip up a four-course meal to make this gesture meaningful. You can even get a fresh fruit bowl from the supermarket the day before and serve that along with some whole wheat avocado toast. Add your favorite coffee or teas and you have a super romantic moment that doubles as a cozy home date.

Send Flowers

If you want to surprise your beloved with flowers, then the selection at BloomsyBox is unmatched. Show your wife appreciation for all her hard work with a beautiful bouquet on Mother’s Day. Send her flowers for her birthday, or in the middle of a long week just to remind her you care. All of the bouquets and arrangements are handpicked and sustainably sourced from local farms. You get to feel good about tending the environment while greeting your lover with a breathtaking arrangement.

You can arrange for regular deliveries or have them shipped on special occasions like birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. For an added touch of romance, look into different flower languages and write them down on a card to give with your bouquet. Sending a message through flowers is a traditional Victorian gesture, and the romantics will be absolutely smitten when they read the heart-felt words you’ve chosen to say in blooms.

Clean Up the House

This might sound silly, but doing all the housework and arranging a few candles and nice music can be extremely meaningful to your partner. If their love language is acts of service, taking the initiative to tackle all the chores that have piled up can express your devotion and desire to give them a clean, welcoming space to unwind and spend time together. Cleaning up isn’t limited to everyday chores, either. Maybe your spouse has been asking you to tidy up the bathroom cabinet or clean out the garage for a while. Instead of finding another reason to put it off, consider the act an expression of love. You’ll find it easier to push through any undesirable tasks and get to enjoy the look of appreciation and happiness on their face when they see your handiwork.


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