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The average roof replacement cost is around $7,800, so many homeowners want to put it off for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, a roof is not going to last forever. If you want to protect the integrity of your home, you will need to repair and replace it as needed.

Knowing the signs that tell you the roof is failing is crucial for keeping your home and your family safe.

Do you suspect that a roof replacement is in your near future? If so, read our top four signs below to see if you’re correct.

1. Your Roof Is Old

Most roofs are meant to be replaced after 30 years. Depending on the material that your roof is made from, this number could be slightly higher or lower.

Knowing when your roof was installed and how many years it may have left is important as a homeowner. Check your home owner’s records to see when it was last replaced.

Replacing your roof due to age before constructional issues occur is a smart move. This could help you avoid further home damage, such as rotten wood or structural damage.

2. Water Is Leaking Through

A huge warning sign about when to replace the roof is if there is a leak.

Although a leak can look like water falling down into your home, it also may appear as just a wet spot or a dark area on the ceiling.

If this is something that you have noticed, you need to look at the rest of the area around it to see if there are other signs of damage. Homes with an attic should also check the slope of the roof for water.

roof leak can be serious, so consulting with a professional may be a good idea if you’re not sure how to handle the problem.

3. Shingles Are Curling or Falling Off

Shingled roofs can tell you that it’s time for a replacement if they start to fall off, curl, or buckle.

The easiest way to see if your shingles are buckling or curling is to check your roof in direct sunlight to see if the edges of the shingles are coming up off the roof.

If the shingles are falling off, then they’re going to need replacing ASAP.

The cost to replace roof shingles will vary, but if it looks like most of the shingles are suffering, you may need to replace the whole roof.

4. Your Insulation Is Failing

A homeowner that notices a higher heating or cooling cost than normal may want to check their roof for signs of deterioration.

For instance, if moisture from a leak has been seeping into your attic, your insulation will suffer. This will cause a loss of heat in the winter and will allow cold air to get out in the summer.

As a result, you may be seeing higher than normal energy bills.

Do You Need a Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement is a necessity for any building at some point in its life, so consider how old your roof is and whether you’ve noticed any abnormalities.

When you are thinking about having the job done, speak with the professionals about it to see what options you may have.

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