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New solutions for enhancing and simplifying a wide range of business processes emerge almost every day. Keeping up with the new information technology is essential for companies that want to create strong competition. Nowadays, anything can be done on a computer or even online. However, such a simple and fundamental action as signing some kind of paper in digital form still causes some difficulties and slows the entire workflow. Luckily, the SignNow software introduces incredibly simple and efficient solutions for signing electronic documentation. Whether you need to sign PDF of a contract or collect the signatures of your employees and business partners, it becomes quick and easy with SignNow.

Many successful corporations known worldwide have already fully digitalized their documentation, and the results are evident. It is a perfect solution for increasing the efficiency of your business and reaching new heights.

The Strong Points of SignNow Program

You can easily find many different programs designed for creating electronic signatures. However, their quality is not sufficient. Nevertheless, SignNow creates an excellent balance between efficiency and accessibility. These are just a few advantages of involving SignNow in the operation of your company:

  • Inclusivity – such software is usually used not only by the workers of the company but also by the business partners and clients. It means that the software should be understandable and comfortable to use even for those who are not trained to work with it. SignNow is approachable for everyone even without prior experience.
  • User-friendliness – thanks to the appealing and handy interface and overall design, this program is easy to grasp and start working with immediately. The developers made sure to create intuitive software that does not require profound computer skills.
  • Range – for business people, it is essential to have access to the documents and features of SignNow at any time. For this reason, the program is supported on any device of your choice, whether it is a PC, a laptop, a tablet, or even a mobile phone. It is usable on both iOS and Android operating systems. You can also utilize SignNow even without access to the Internet.
  • Protection –to protect the important documents and prevent information leakage, the security of your data is the top priority for the SignNow developers. The most powerful methods of encryption are incorporated for the maximum protection of information.

The Program Features of SignNow

Often, companies have to incorporate a wide range of programs to cover some of the essential needs. However, SignNow offers incredible versatility because of the big selection of useful features:

  • Enclosing documentation – when delivering a copy of some document, you can request the recipient to enclose a certain file with their response. This possibility saves time that otherwise would be spent on sending additional files separately.
  • Various opportunities for customization – each document can be customized in several ways to make the process of filling them in and signing quicker and easier. In case you need a document to be signed only, you can include a special signature field. If you want the employees to select certain options, some checkboxes can also be incorporated for easier selection and so on.
  • Signature management – creating a signature box is only half of the problem, and another aspect is actually placing a signature. There are multiple methods of signing with SignNow so that everyone can choose a suitable one. You can upload a signature scanned off the physical paper and use the picture of it, type your name and last name instead of the signature, or even use the mouse to draw a sign. Each signature remains in the storage of the system so that you can return to it at any time and use it quickly.
  • Security solutions – as an additional way of protecting the data, you can use various methods of verifying the info. Verification can be performed through a phone call, password, electronic letter, SMS, and so on.
  • Creating a signature queue – some papers require signatures in a specific order. Usually, this procedure can be done by manually sending a document to each recipient on the line. However, this method is time-consuming, and human error is possible. With SignNow, you can configure the document to be signed in a necessary order and simply send it out. The file will return to you after each signature is in orderly place.
  • Receiving notices – those employees working with heavy loads of documentation know how difficult it is to keep up with all the files. A handy feature of obtaining notifications was positively reviewed by many users. Once a certain paper receives a signature and returns to the sender, you can also receive a notice that will help you to keep track of the paperwork.
  • Creating a brand image – strong branding is key to a successful business. SignNow offers an opportunity of incorporating a unique logo of your company. This option makes your business more visible, and it can attract new customers.

Choosing SignNow for Business Growth

SignNow offers a safe and legal digital solution for signing the documents and facilitating their management. Keeping up with modern technology allows your business to remain relevant and constantly grow. Such simple software is cost-effective, and it does not require additional training and skills. With a wide range of useful features, SignNow becomes an irreplaceable helper for any business.

Many satisfied users have already shared their reviews on how effective and beneficial this software is. You can start enjoying all the features this program has to offer right now!


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