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Schools do an amazing job preparing students to find their way in the world from a very young age. From subjects like language and math to geography and science, kids learn everything about the world around them. And Animal welfare is a subject that is more than welcome in curriculums.

Animals simply play a significant role in our lives, and you may assume that kids would naturally be kind to animals without any education, but most of the time, that fact seems untrue.

Not all children have the gentle instinct, and not all of them have someone that sets a good example. Some research show that many kids even think that animals don’t feel pain. But an animal welfare education at school could change that and teachers can use their title to be the much needed example. And many educational experts say that teaching children to respect and care for animals can bring a positive change as well as many benefits to the children’s life. The most significant benefit would be that kids can develop the social and emotional skill that is essential for their development.

The education about animals should always start with an explanation of animal rights, and there are a variety of ways to do that. The teachers can talk to students on that topic, read them some of the animal right essays examples from https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/animal-rights/, show them free videos found online about animal rights, engage them to participate in animal rights activities, assign them papers or essays or even organize a visit to a nearby ZOO.

Whichever way teachers choose, the children would love it because they are innately drawn to animals and are highly engaged in learning about them. And when children learn in school all about the basic needs for all animals, they are more likely to have a healthy relationship with animals, and that can help stop animal cruelty and animal overpopulation.

Pros and cons of teaching animal welfare in schools


  • Kids get new ideas on how to care for their pets and how to play with them, making them responsible pet owners in the future.
  • It teaches children about compassion and empathy for all living things. And teaching them to be kind to animals leads to a natural lesson about kindness to everyone.
  • Animal welfare education introduces kids to vegetarianism and gives them the opportunity to choose if they want to become vegetarians because most of the time, kids eat meat as a habit.
  • Learning about animals can inspire some students to get interested in careers that are related to animals, and those careers can be highly rewarding.
  • It teaches kids about relationships and the needs of another living being around them.


  • In summary, the only con could be that some parents think that animal welfare can be a difficult subject for children at a young age.

Communication with animals

People do most of their communication through words and gestures. And animals communicate with body language and sounds. So, animals can easily get the intentions, health, and mood of a person from that person’s tone of voice, body language, and odors. And humans can learn to do that too.

Some of the benefits of knowing how to communicate with animals are: kids can find out if there is a problem with their animal, easily train their pet, create a deeper connection with animals, detect health problems so they can help, and detect when an animal is getting angry or defensive so they can get away from dangerous situations.

A human-animal communication also has health benefits because kids usually turn to animals for emotional well-being. And they are found to seek pets when they are feeling upset, tired, lonely, scared, or are feeling down. Also, human-animal communication can strengthen the children’s social skills. With that said, teaching kids how to communicate with animals can have a huge impact on their education and development.


Teaching animal welfare is important because nowadays, many animals from the whole world are hurt and are suffering because they are used for food, fashion, medicine, entertainment, and scientific advancements or used as exotic pets. And if kids get the needed knowledge, they will eventually stand against hurting animals and become respectful towards all living things. Every animal deserves to have the chance of a healthy and happy life.


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