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Unfortunately, most modern relationships experience a variety of daily distractions. From the typical work- or family-related responsibilities to hobbies or friends or all the stress and responsibilities that come with the money and current lifestyle, it is easy for events to insinuate themselves between two people in love. Fortunately, romantic relationship-building techniques, such as a weekly date night, help keep relationships sparked and alight with mystery, surprise, and romance. In fact, one of the best preludes to a date night can be a simple – but sexy – present. Following are the absolute sexiest surprises capable of being gift wrapped.

1. The gift of scent: for couples

Pheromones pique sexual interest, and pheromone-infused perfume or cologne can help subtly eroticize any dinner or movie to the point neither person can stay focused on eating or watching. For women, perfume will arouse the man. For men, pheromone-infused cologne will be a scent she cannot refuse.

Preparation: none
Time for presentation: morning

2. Triple chocolate delight with a sweet sentiment

First, on the morning of date night, present your loved one with a chocolate rose. For people not interested in flowers, a sweet-chocolate sentiment will more than suffice.

Second, some of the most tantalizing chocolates in the world can be ordered at a romantic shag shop online. They are delicious and represent something truly exotic most people outside of Germany will never have tasted.

Third, after the date, dark chocolate body paint will cinch the evening.

Finally, add a flower and a personally written note. The scent of flowers have a calming effect on people, and intimate, personal expressions resonate straight to the heart.

Material required for the sentiment:

– any type of formal stationery
– flower and vase
– envelope


Spend a week or so thinking about what to write. Don’t write anything until at least a week has passed, and you have taken time to think. Once you have something special in mind, set yourself to writing.

Note: if you write by hand, get extra pieces of stationery. There should be no scribbles or eraser marks. If you type, make sure the sentiment is centered nicely within the stationery.

The envelope should simply be labelled with “Love”. Of course, depending on the particular sentiment and the date night, it can be labelled “Lust”.

3. Sex dust

Sex dust is an aromatherapy herbal blend with a reputation for relaxing the mind while exciting the libido. For best results on date night, it is best presented during the morning with instructions to open it at work, if possible, to be left open on the desk.

Of course, your loved one cannot be displaying “sex dust” at work, so the jar’s label can be swapped with a pre-printed label expressing a romantic sentiment. In this case, the sentiment should not be anything explicit. Instead, the most effective label to swap it out with should be inscribed simply with “part-one”.

The guaranteed result is your significant other enjoying a soothing day at work as his or her imagination remains piqued for part two.

4. Personal physical attention – that doesn’t lead to sex

Okay, this particular gift, perhaps, cannot be wrapped, but it represents one of the best, most pleasurable gifts. For best possible results, it should take place before dinner.

Material required: massage how-to book

Time required: one to two hours

How it works

You don’t need a professional massage table for this, but if you can rent one, all the better. For most people, a couch will do the trick. Do not do this in the bedroom as it is meant to arouse – to pique curiosity, to titillate. It is not meant to lead to sex.

The body massage should be done with light, faint-smelling oil. Start at the feet and work toward the head, or start at the head and work toward the feet. Ideally, have the person lie on his or her front for thirty minutes. Afterward, have the person roll over and lie facing up for thirty minutes as, this time, you massage in the opposite direction, head-to-feet or feet to head.

Massage softly and slowly on six major body areas.

– head, neck, and shoulders
– torso/back
– abdomen
– thighs
– calves
– feet

For a one-hour massage, spend five minutes per section. For a two-hour massage, spend ten minutes per section. When you are done, he or she might very well attempt to tempt you into sex. Do your best to resist because is just getting started.

5. Professionally prepared gourmet dinner

Frankly, it is starting to seem like none of these gifts can be wrapped. No matter, as with the aforementioned gifts, this sensual, gourmet dinner is certain to please. Any gourmet recipe can easily be found online, however, one of the tastiest is a light vegetable dish with wine. The centerpiece of the table should be her favorite flower along with chilled champagne.

Of course, preparing a dish such as this might be difficult. To get it right, it is important to prepare ahead of time. Once you are confident of your ability to prepare this meal (or any of them), set aside two hours for cooking and dining, waiting on your loved one as you prepare the meal, surprising him or her with a meal worthy of five-star restaurants around the world.

6. Moonlight toast

A small backpack filled with wine, cheese, and a delicate serving plate takes relaxing culture anywhere you want to go. For outdoor lovers (pun intended), it is best presented along a water view.

Requirements: scenic outdoors
Preparation: a clear, moonlit night

7. Chocolate cheers

Accompanying the engraved champagne set is a couple’s chocolate bar inscribed with wedding rings. Both glasses as well as the bottle can be engraved with a romantic or erotic sentiment, and the chocolate wrapper can be printed with one another’s name. For best results, the note can be a reminder of the wedding night and your desire for a romantic repeat.

Important note: the gifts on this particular list, of course, can be presented individually. However, for the most sensual date night possible, these gifts have been listed in such an order that they can be presented throughout the day, one following the other. In doing so, date night transforms into date day, resulting in the most romantic day of the year for any couple.

8. Spice Up Your Sex Life

The excitement of doing something new can increase your and your partner’s arousal and make for more intense sexy times. Try using sex toys, such as vibrators, dildos, and penis sleeves and cock extensions, to switch things up. You can also do role play, bondage, or light sadomasochism play.

But before doing something new in the bedroom, discuss your boundaries, and make a list of what you two are comfortable with. Keep the conversation going, and talk with your partner. Always get consent whenever you want to try something new.


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