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Before you consider choosing a deck coating, you would first like to find out the cost implication. You need to know today’s cost of buying the product and the future maintenance cost as well. Choosing a high maintenance deck coating can have an influence on your Associations reserve and dues needs for many years to come. For instance, if a deck coating calls for a clean and reseals every two to three years to maintain your warranty, what would be the cost each time and multiply that with its life expectancy. A minimum price on installation could quickly turn into a high-cost maintenance nightmare for the next three decades.

It would be best if you asked the contractors bidding on your project to offer you with today’s costs, as well as the clean and reseal cost. Compare each different deck coating’s prices to reseal and clean it and multiply that factor with its expected life. The deck you should go for should have 30+ year life expectancy, like most roof sheets. Compare the difference and then figure out where you want that money to go into your reserves for some other area’s reserve needs or to your contractor. Ensure that your reserve study is a valuable source of information also and you should adjust your Association’s reserve study when you put a new deck down or reseal the one you have before. If you search for a let’s say deck builders in Austin TX you can check it with Association Texas.

Essential Considerations When Opting for a Contractor

When it is time for you to go for a contractor to install a deck system, you have to think very well because you must make the right choice. Most often, a Board will choose what seems to be the least expensive contractor. That choice could backfire on your Association if that contractor is not appropriately licensed, bonded and insured and a mishap transpired while the contractor’s staff is on the project site at your HOA.

You have to ask your contractor to offer you this information and take a look at it carefully. Contact their insurance company as listed on the form they gave you. Visit the website of the Contractors State Licensing Board for their license class and status, workers and bonding compensation details. Tell them to name the Association and your management firm as an extra insured on their liability insurance. If your contractor cannot appoint you as an additional insured, their insurance carrier perchance not protects them when working on condominiums.

If you cannot be named as an extra insured on workers compensation, you can be named as a party in interest and be notified of any changes happen to their staff company policy. Besides, you need to get in touch with your risk manager for more information on protecting your Association against possible claims.

Some Things You Have to Know About Your Contractor

Never allow any contractor onto the Associations’ property to work until you have all their details in place. Your contractor should be willing to give references for work comparable to yours that they have carried out lately. Besides, you have to ask if you can see the jobs at their location that are on the reference list. Contact the manager, residents or the general contractor who ran the project about the company you are thinking of using.

On top of that, you need to look at jobs that are many years old. That will enable you to see how well the deck coating they used has withstood the test of time. Ask the producer’s sales representative about that company you are thinking to use and what their experience has been with the contractor.


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