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For some people, having a water heater in their bathrooms is essential. A hot water heater is like a savior when you take a shower during the winter or when you are not feeling well. There are a bunch of water heaters sold in the market. They are available in various brands, models, and designs. So, you are probably confused to pick one. Follow these tips below to select the right water heater for your bathroom.

Electrical Power

The first tip is choosing a water heater in accordance with the electric power capacity at your house. So, the device can run without disturbing other electric current. Generally, a water heater with a capacity of 15 liters, 20 liters, and 30 liters can be used at a house with an electric power capacity from 350 watts up to 500 watts. Or, you can opt for a heat exchanger water heater that is more affordable and more efficient. This device uses heat dissipation from the air conditioner to heat water.


The security factor is important to consider. Choose a hot water heater that does not easily cause electrical short circuit or other damages. Make sure the water heater you are going to buy is already equipped with security elements, such as a safety device, ELCB, and switch. Make sure the device has a security certification from Singapore Standards and International Electro-Technical Commission.

Water Capacity

Another thing to consider is the amount of water that will be used with the capacity of the water heater. Make sure the capacity of the water heater in accordance with the number of house occupants and bathrooms at your house. If you use a bathtub, you will need an electric water heater with a 30-liter capacity. And you will need the one with a 50-liter capacity for 2 persons. If you use a shower and 2 persons at your house, you will need a water heater with a 15-liter capacity. So, consider the family members you have. Because it is related to the capacity of the water heater.

Pipe Installation

Ask the shopkeeper about the pipe of the water heater and installation cost. Make sure you already measure the length of the pipe needed. It usually requires 2 pipe installations; hot water pipes and cold water pipes. It will influence the placement of the water heater at your house, whether it is placed in your bathroom or in other areas.

The Temperature

Some water heaters have constant temperature. Some others have changeable temperatures. A water heater with constant temperature will save time when you turn on the faucet. Because you do not have to bother adjusting the temperature first. But a water heater with changeable temperature allows you to change the temperature to cold or hot.

Those are the tips to select a water heater. Another tip is to choose the one that meets your budget. No need to buy an expensive water heater with a lot of features if you do not use the features. It will be such a waste.


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