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When two kindred souls decide to tie the knot in the most adventurous and artistic way possible, a Bohemian elopement is one way to go. The Sedona landscape is a perfect witness to this spiritual union. Eloping would be one epic beginning to the new chapter of your love story.

Elopements are now becoming a popular wedding option for modern couples. In the past, to elope means couples are running away from a disgruntled family member who opposes the union. But now, couples decide to flee because they want to have an adventure of a lifetime with their beloved. A wedding photographer Sedona would perfectly capture this precious milestone.

Sedona provides a perfect backdrop to a couple’s Bohemian elopement. It is not called “the most beautiful place in the world” for nothing. Its rock formations and lush foliage complete the perfect laid back vibe that a couple will cherish for years to come.

Here are some tips that will help you plan the best romantic adventure of your life in the heart of Arizona.

1. Date, Time, and Location

The best time for your elopement in Sedona would be late spring or early fall. The temperature is perfect, not too warm nor too cold, from July to November. There are Sedona venues like the Red Rock crossing that is more majestic during these times.

An excellent site to have photos taken is the platform at the Verde Valley School Road Side of Oak Creek.

Decide whether you want to bask in the glow of the sunrise or revel the changing of colors during sunset. Whichever you choose, the serenity of your union will be captured in your pictures by your photographer.

2. Décor

A bohemian elopement done within the gorgeous Sedona landscape does not need much adornment.

Focus on the elopement arch. Say your vows under an arch sourced from nature like a teepee or a frame fashioned from tree branches or twigs. Adorn it with bougainvillea flowers or Arizona wildflowers. Finish off the look with a vintage rug.

3. The Outfit

Go for a simple, effortless look on your special day. For the bridal dress, nothing exudes a more boho-chic vibe than a beautiful lace or silk organza dress. Accessorize with vintage gemstones or feathers. A messy updo or cascading curls adorned with a flower crown will complete the look.

The bride can carry a bouquet festooned with roses and wild greens such as ferns. Other vibrant colored flowers are perfect for spring.

For the groom, a simple linen suit in neutral colors will complement the bride’s outfit. A light dress shirt and khakis spell elegant simplicity.

4. The Photographer

Any wedding photographer in Sedona would be specialized in elopements. Bear in mind that an elopement, especially done in a natural location is different from a traditional wedding.

Your family and friends will only have to witness your special day through pictures, so an excellent photographer is a good investment. The photographer will likewise help you scout for locations, book suppliers, arrange logistics, and plan the whole experience with you.

Elopement is a beautiful expression of love. Thus, what better way to express it than having well-thought Bohemian wedding details and an excellent photographer who can capture the joyous occasion.


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