hydraulic scissor lift

One of the toughest decisions that manufacturing or construction companies face is whether to buy or hire any industrial equipment. While both options have many advantages, companies often opt for a cost-effective way and directly go for services that offer scissor lift hire or other lifting equipment and construction tools.

Industrial companies rely heavily on mechanical equipment to carry out the daily task as optimal as possible. However, this heavy equipment is expensive, so a lot of professionals use the services of reputable rental companies.

In general, purchasing new industrial machinery is good if the company has a budget. Modern machinery is on its highest innovation and working capacity requiring only ample fixes through usage. The downside of purchasing an industrial machine is that it is very expensive. This is why a myriad of companies would prefer scissor lift hire to reduce cost.

Here are a few things you should consider before deciding to purchase or rent a scissor lift:

What is a scissor lift?

Scissor lifts are everyday machinery used in warehouses, industrial sites, event venues, aircraft lounge, and other expansive structures. They consider this machine as an aerial device that elevates its platform extending as high as 60 feet. Scissor lifts with less reach can carry more weight.

Hiring a scissor lift

Many companies prefer scissor lift hire because of its practicality to any worksite that does not need its continuous usage. Buying for any industrial machinery can get costly, accounting for all aspects such as repairs and maintenance.

Hiring for a scissor lift is a better investment since it requires minimal upfront payments. It is particularly crucial to take this in mind if you are using a scissor lift for a limited period.

Also, if you hire directly to a construction equipment supplier, its cost for maintenance and management is something you would not have to do. You do not have to think about maintenance, but also you do not have to worry about finding storage.

Two different types of a scissor lift

There are two different types of scissor lifts that can be rented. Either you opt for the diesel scissor lift or an electric scissor lift. Here are the characteristics of both scissor lifts.

  • Electric scissor lifts are best for indoor chores and activities. It can lift objects without making a sound and emitting fumes. This machine often comes with noise mufflers and a 2×4 wheel making it perfect for indoor warehouse usage or flat surfaces.
  • Diesel scissor lifts are the best choice for outdoor use. It is a bit louder compared to an electric lift, and it releases exhaust fumes. This scissor lift can handle more rugged and unpaved roads because of its 4×4 wheel. Generally, they can carry tons of weight compared to the electric one.

The concept of owning a piece of machinery is always tempting. Sometimes, its cost is not very beneficial for the future, especially if it is not the type of machine you would use for daily operation. If however, it is something your company would regularly use, consider trying scissor lift hire first before committing to buy a new one.


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