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Ready to assemble cabinets come in various styles and finishes spoiling you with choices. Their dominance in the market is for a reason. Apart from their convenience and value, there is one unique characteristic of these cabinets which make them stand out – their portability. It is very easy to ship them to the job site. Besides, assembling won’t take much time either. So, if you have plans to renovate your kitchen and bring in some new cabinets, this article will be of great help to you. It shares crucial information about RTA cabinets so that you can decide if this kind of cabinets are suitable for your kitchen or not.

Things to consider when purchasing RTA cabinets

Kitchen is the most frequented area in every home. Apart from being the most important room in your house, it also adds great value to every home. The bigger part of that room is the kitchen cabinets. Thus, the need to know more about RTA cabinets. There are a number of important things you need to consider when purchasing this kind of cabinets. Some of them include the following:

The durability of the surface

Ensure the RTA cabinets you choose have a durable and strong surface enough to handle the constant damp wipes with various detergents. Kitchen cabinets constantly get dirty and they have to be cleaned often. If the surfaces of the cabinets are not strong enough, then they will soon start to wear out.

Joinery used

The joinery used in RTA cabinets come in two forms, the dove tailing and the basic glue and staple. Dove tailing is the most preferred method because it is long-lasting. The basic and staple method has several shortcomings such as joints falling, loosening and creating small gaps over time. Therefore, be extremely careful with the joinery option you choose if you want your cabinets to stay strong for longer.

Why you should opt for RTA cabinets instead of the traditional cabinets

The kitchen is one space that people spend a great deal of their time either fixing a meal, a drink or anything edible. As a result, it can get weary and unattractive. But don’t worry, RTA cabinets offer a superb solution to anyone with budget constraints and at the same time wants a classic kitchen. Here are some benefits you will get if you invest in RTA cabinets.

1. Affordable

The extreme cost involved in kitchen renovation is the biggest obstacle that most people face. Well, the good news is that with RTA cabinets, it is easier and cheaper to remodel your kitchen. It is even possible to purchase RTA cabinets half the price of custom made cabinets. Although you will incur the cost of installing them, it’s insignificant if you compare the benefits that come with this form of cabinets.

2. Quality

While RTA cabinets are affordable, their quality of materials is not compromised. As long as you get them from a reputable supplier like Walcraft Cabinetry, you are good to go. Reputable suppliers don’t compromise the quality of wood they use. This is particularly vital in the kitchen where heat and moisture is the order of the day. Note that inferior products can be damaged by the warping caused by heat and moisture.

3. Easy storage

RTA cabinets come in flat boxes which make it easy to store them if need be. Therefore, if you want to purchase your RTA cabinets ahead of time in preparation for your kitchen renovation, you won’t have to worry about their storage. They won’t even occupy much of your space and you can store them as long as the need be.

4. Flexibility

The beauty of ready-to-assemble cabinets is that you can customize them to meet your specific needs unlike the custom made cabinets. Plus, you can do this without the cost increasing. With RTA cabinets, you are at liberty to choose your favourite design, colour and every feature that interests you. Hence, saving you the trouble of searching your ideal perfect ready-made cabinet.

Furthermore, you can complete your RTA cabinets with any form of style. They give you the freedom to experiment the creativity in you. If you want a sophisticated kitchen, try RTA cabinets. They never disappoint.

5. Availability

The fact that RTA cabinets can be purchased online is very impressive. This means you can have them no matter where you live. You just need to know the full specs of the cabinets you intend to buy and place your order. That’s simple!

Besides, you don’t have to wait for ages before your package is delivered like in the case of traditional cabinets. Ready-to-assemble cabinets are easier to ship because they are compact and smaller. Plus, no time is wasted in assembling them beforehand. Hence, your RTA cabinets can arrive soon after you place your order.

6. Simplicity

Interestingly, you can assemble the RTA cabinets all by yourself. If you are a DIYer, then you will have the privilege to take part in your kitchen remodelling journey. The good thing is that these cabinets come with pre-drilled holes. This makes it easier for you to install the cabinets. You will just need a hammer, a screwdriver and some wood glue.

Remember to read and follow directions given by the manufacturer for stress-free assembling. Also, the installation may not be that simple. If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions step-by-step, the installation process may pose some difficulties. Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you can, ask for help. It is just a matter of time and soon you will get quite comfortable with RTA cabinets and even offer some help to a friend in future. As for the crucial aspects of your kitchen remodel such as setting tile backsplashes and floor installation, please leave that to the experts.

The bottom line

From the above information, it wouldn’t be out of order to state that RTA cabinets are worth investing for. They are easy to assemble and they come in various designs to meet different tastes and preferences. If you intend to remodel your kitchen, consider the option of RTA cabinets. They will save you from the frustrations that come with installing kitchen cabinets.


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