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There are 2.4 million weddings in America every year. Of course, before church bells can ring, a proposal needs to happen. If you’re popping the question this year, you may be searching for romantic proposal ideas. Most little girls dream of their wedding and proposal all their life, so it’s essential to get it right.

Keep reading for some romantic proposal tips to make the night memorable.

Surprise Her (or Don’t)

If you’ve been dating for a while, chances are you’ve already talked about marriage. You may have looked at engagement rings together.

She may suspect that a proposal is on the horizon. But your first decision is choosing if you want to surprise her with it.

It ultimately comes down to her personal preferences. Will she want you to surprise her in the most elaborate way? Or will she even want it to be a surprise at all?

Only one in every three proposals is a surprise. If she loves surprises, you have plenty of proposal options inside and outside of the home.

If you know she hates surprises, don’t make a public ordeal of your proposal. Opt for a more subdued approach.

Propose Somewhere Meaningful

Do you and your significant other have a public place you consider “yours”? Is there a point of interest that plays a big part in your love story?

Did you go somewhere romantic for your first date? She’ll love visiting that place to open another chapter of your relationship.

Get Personal

Use something that your significant other is passionate about in your proposal.

Maybe she loves musicals or theatre performances. Talk with the stage manager of your favorite production and ask permission. They may allow you to put your proposal in the playbill.

Talk about a beautiful keepsake!

If she loves animals, plan a day at the zoo or aquarium. Have the divers hold a sign underwater for you. Or, ask for a behind-the-scenes visit with her favorite animal and propose there.

If she’s a Disney lover, take her to Disneyland and propose in front of the castle. Professional photographers are all around the park and can snap your proposal as it happens.

If you have a bookworm on your hands, use a book to propose. Buy a hardcover book from a secondhand store and cut out a square or heart shape in the pages. Insert the ring box into the cutout and hand her the book when you plan to propose.

Whatever you do, don’t use her favorite book if you’re hoping for a “yes” when you pop the question.

Involve Your Pet

If the two of you live and have pets together, involve them in your romantic marriage proposal. Attach the ring onto Fido’s collar or tie a ring pillow onto his collar.

If your dog is well-trained, you could make (or commission) a “will you marry me” sign for his or her neck. They can walk alongside you as you approach your significant other to pop the question.

Dinner In

If you prefer a more quiet and less public proposal, why not make a romantic dinner for a night in? We recommend giving yourself at least one trial run to ensure you know how to cook the recipes you’ve chosen.

Set the table, light the candles, and choose the best time during dinner to pop the question. Will you do it after dessert? Will the ring be in the dessert?

The possibilities are endless. But there’s one thing you can know for sure – she will love feeling doted on.

A Romantic Proposal is Within Reach

I can provide an infinite number of romantic proposal ideas. But you know your significant other best. What one woman likes, another might find tacky.

Think about her likes and dislikes as you come up with your romantic engagement plan. Don’t make a big public display if she hates having the attention all on her. Give yourself a few months to plan the proposal so you can get it just right.

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