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Since most mothers are responsible for taking care of household chores and children, they prefer to accept jobs that do not require an out-of-home presence and have flexible working hours. Some of them are employee-type jobs, while the rest are considered as freelance gigs that you can do from home. Writing is an excellent choice for a remote activity because you can do it at your own pace. Here are some top writing jobs for stay-at-home mothers:

Essay writing

Working as an essay writer implies writing about a lot of subjects for clients. Many university students wonder, “Is there anyone who can write my essays?” or “Is there a website to write my essay?” There are many legit essay writing services online which you can work with. Some of the best companies that provide pro essay writing service can become your workplace, and you’ll thus have an opportunity to develop your skills there and grow professionally at the same time.

Blog writing

It can be an excellent way to make money, for you can write about topics that are important to you. As a blog writer, you should write about a particular industry, like fashion, in an engaging and informal style. To make money from blogging, you should generate content that is interesting enough for the blog visitors and makes them come back again. If you’re not able to build a relationship with readers, it will be hard to monetize your blog. That’s why it’s crucial to establish a close connection with your audience and make them reciprocate effectively.


If you are familiar with one or more foreign languages, you can also work as a translator at home. Of course, in addition to familiarity with a foreign language, translation also requires experience. There are many companies that translate texts online. To start working with these online translation services, you need to complete some tests or provide them with the examples of your past accolades. This way, the agency will assess your translation ability properly.

Travel writing

If you have traveled to many places and have a lot of experience in traveling, you can try your luck in this field. It presupposes writing about places, people, and things in different corners of the world, as well as sharing tips on when to travel and how to travel. In the past, there were a few job opportunities for which some people were employed and allowed to travel and write about their trips. Now, such possibilities are so scattered that every adventure lover can earn money from this hobby. Here are some directions you can channel your creative effort in:

  • A personal blog
  • Popular publications specializing on traveling
  • Your own publication
  • Editing for a specific site or magazine


A proofreader checks the last draft of a written text to ensure consistency and authenticity of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. As many students ask, “where can I type my essay online for the review?”, there are some online proofreading services that employ part-time or full-time proofreaders. Online proofreading jobs can be a little difficult for beginners to find because most online services need you to have experience. They may ask you to pass an exam before you get qualified for the job. You can apply any time, but it may take several weeks or months before you receive any call from the desired company.


This job involves creating written content for marketing, advertising, and descriptive texts. Copywriters must know how to generate texts for different media, like web, print, television, and radio. Copywriters can work as freelancers or for a company. They are employed based on their ability to write interesting texts or deliver certain messages. Their income depends mostly on where they work and the type of copy they’re writing.


It’s a job opportunity that involves writing journalistic articles to pass on information for an audience. In this career, you should research stories, report on current events and write engaging and factual materials. The journalist, as a researcher, should interview people involved in the subject and examine the stories carefully. The stories that journalists prepare usually cover information on topics such as politics, sports, fashion, international news, etc.

Bottom Line

Here are just a few examples of remote writing jobs you can partake as a mother. None of these require specific hours of work, so mothers can do their job whenever they have free time. All you need is the ability to write in the required fields and solid connection to the Internet.


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