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Do you remember Rapunzel? The stress she went through on losing her hair? She went through so many hardships before she finally restored her happiness. So, if you are having a receding hairline, there’s still some hope! Don’t get depressed because of your hairline, as there’s a way out. A way that will encourage regrowth. Prepare yourself to find out how to counter the receding hairline problem!

Causes of a Receding Hairline

1. Genetic Predisposition

Heredity is the most common cause. If your family has the history of a receding hairline, there is a very high likelihood that you will also experience the same.

2. Hormones

Other that genetically inherited hairlines, hormonal imbalance also tops the list. The body’s hormonal balance experiences change due to medication, stress or dietary issues. As a result, your hairline could begin receding.

3. Medication

Some medication administered to cancer patients, those with depression, heart conditions and blood pressure could result in hair loss. For example, patients undergoing chemotherapy experience massive hair loss which might not go away even after the treatment.

4. Poor Nutrition

When your body is nutritionally deficient, hair loss is some of the symptoms it will use to show that something is not right. This needs to be checked immediately.

5. Stress

Whether physical or emotional, stress can result in a receding hairline or hair loss.

Hair loss can also be experienced earlier than expected. Anyone in their early 20 and experiencing any form of hair loss should have their bodies checked out.

Signs of Receding Hairline

Massive hair shedding during showers or on your pillow in the morning.
Hair loss concentrated on a specific area of your head, as receding hairlines normally starts in a pattern.
An itchy and flaky scalp.
Hair takes more time than usual to grow.

Now that you can easily detect hair loss at an early stage, what should you do to repair the damage?

Don’t be discouraged when you notice your hair has begun receding. There is still something you can do to control and even stop a receding hairline.

1. Regular Scalp Massage

Massaging your scalp on a regular basis will increase blood flow to that section of the skin, thereby invigorating hair follicles. Regular intense massages not only relieve stress but also promote hair growth by activating the responsible cells.

Castor oil is highly recommended for scalp massage. It acts as both an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial agent. It also helps in pH balancing owing to its richness in antioxidants.

2. Healthy eating

This may not sound as serious as it should, but trust me that having a balanced healthy diet is very important. As mentioned earlier, a poor diet can cause hair loss and as a result, a receding hairline. Be sure to have a mixture of minerals and vitamins as they accelerate hair growth.

Green vegetables, lentils, and beans are a rich source of irons. Whole grains and pumpkins also boost the levels of hemoglobin hence stimulating hair growth. Amino acids also boost keratin production, the major component of your hair. They also increase the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles.

Refined foods and junk should be your greatest enemy. Minimally cooked foods are the best as they still have lots of nutrients. Fish oils have plenty of omega-3 acids that fight radicals, reduce inflammation and promote hair growth. You can also consider coconut oil for your hair.

3. Check on your Styling and Combing Styles

Be gentle to your hair. Avoid tight hairstyles such ponytails. Keep heat styling at the bare minimum and avoid hair products with harsh chemicals.

4. Avoid stress

This is one of the most cost-effective methods of reducing hair loss. Stress can be a precursor to serious health problems, and one of its signs is a receding hairline.

Yoga and meditation could help you stay calm and prevent overthinking. Try to get enough sleep. 6-8 hours are ideal.

The following are medical methods that can be used to treat hairline problems

1. Hormonal replacement

This therapy boosts progestin and estrogen levels by the aid of supplements that can either be applied as a patch, cream, gel or taken orally.

2. Medicinal drugs

Propecia and Minoxidil boost hair growth. Minoxidil boosts hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp where it has been applied. Taking Propecia inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, a common cause of hair loss. Propecia is only prescribed for men who want to treat baldness.

3. Hair transplant

This involves transplanting bits of hair from any part of your body to the scalp area where hair has fallen.

4. Hair products

Some hair products have specifically been designed to boost hair growth. They come in the form of strengthening conditioners and shampoos whose ingredients include aloe vera, castor oil and ACV. Read this article about hair growth products at Faveable.

Receding hairlines can be a cause of sleepless nights. However, just sitting and watching it take its cause won’t help any bit. This is why you need to proactively implement measures that will counter hair loss as soon as you notice it. It helps to have healthier lifestyle choices and implementing the natural method mentioned in this article. Be sure to share with us which method worked for you!

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