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‘It’s just a mattress. Just pick whatever’. This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that you’ll make since it can compromise your comfort, affecting your overall quality of sleep.

For starters, while most salespeople’s claims about their mattresses tend to be false, experts say that some claims are valid. In fact, there’s scientific evidence that shows how the right mattress can lead to several health benefits.

Unfortunately, those kinds of mattresses are costly, so it can be a difficult decision, especially if you’re not sure how the bed will help you or your family, but that’s why you’re here.

This guide will discuss four reasons why a mattress can make a massive difference to you and your family’s health.

1. Provides The Right Temperature

Sleeping in a cold room can help with your sleep schedule. For starters, it’s harder to sleep if your body temperature continually changes. For instance, if you’re feeling hot, your body will produce sweat, which, in turn, will lower your temperature. Hence, your temperature will become high, then low, then high again, and this goes on and on.

To break this cycle, it would be best if you maintain a low temperature. Moreover, the body takes coldness as a signal to sleep. Perhaps that’s the reason why many 9-5 workers and single parents that usually have a higher temperature tend to suffer from insomnia.

Fortunately, there are several ways to lower your body’s temperature, and one of which is to get a mattress that can maintain low temperature. In that case, you can try this out.

2. Allows The Right Elevation

Remember the special beds in hospitals that allow you to elevate the upper part of the mattress with a click of a button? Have you ever wondered why there’s such a function?

Surprisingly, it turns out that elevation is quite essential for breathing. In fact, it’s recommended that those suffering from conditions such as heart failure, chronic lung disease, and asthma should try to elevate their heads when sleeping.

Ideally, there needs to be a 30-degree angle between the flat surface of the mattress and your head. If you have a regular bed, putting a pillow under your head will do the trick. However, if you’re the type of person that often forgets to add some pillows before sleeping, having a bed that provides elevation automatically, like those in hospitals, can be quite handy.

3. Helps Avoid Insomnia

As a busy mother, you should know very well what is.

Although you may have dealt with insomnia before, the problem with it is that it has many contributing factors, such as jet lag, napping, stress, noise, and light. But what many people tend to forget is that the sleeping surface is also part of it.

For instance, if the sleeping surface is uneven, you’re more likely to suffer from insomnia. A few examples of where the sleeping surface may be uncomfortable is when the springs are sticking out or maybe some of the foam was removed. Either way, it’s advisable to get a new mattress if your current bed is no longer comfortable. However, if your mattress is still okay, you can try other home remedies for insomnia instead.

4. Supports Your Pressure Points

Memory foam mattresses can conform to your pressure points, which can provide the proper pressure, weight distribution, and support to your body. As such, memory foam mattresses are beneficial for those with back pain and arthritis.

Because of this, a memory foam mattress is much more comfortable than regular beds, which is undoubtedly a huge plus if you want to have quality sleep.

Final Words

Sleeping is one of the necessities of the body. In other words, having longer and quality sleep can lead to a lot of benefits. However, people tend to focus on their lifestyle, and only a few can see the importance of mattresses. By now, you should already know how vital beds are. So, next time, take careful consideration when choosing which mattresses to take home.


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