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Eating together is a great way to break the monotony of the office environment. An exquisite and mouthwatering meal provided by a professional caterer is just what the occasion demands. Australia is one of the leaders in the world when we consider catered corporate parties. Every year the industry generates close to $7.8 billion in revenue. So, why are so many people opting for professionally catered meals? That’s precisely what we are going to discuss in this post. A catered lunch has various advantages right from the health of the employees, bonding between the various department, and above all – a fun event with good food and drink.

Promote Healthy Eating Habit in Employees

Fast food is typical in offices and other work environments because they are cheap, quick and convenient. Regrettably, these foods are rich in unsaturated fat that poses a wide range of health risks such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes. Catered lunches can foster the habit of healthy eating in employees. They would demonstrate alternatives to fast food that are delicious and filling. If the employees remain healthy, they are more likely to give their best at work.

Encourage Camaraderie between Various Level of Staff

In an organization, various departments and levels of staff exist. There is the top management, and middle, and the bottom. Having lunch together is an opportunity to bring different departments and levels of administration together. Eating together will foster a feeling of togetherness and reinforce that everyone is working towards the same goal. It would encourage cooperation between teams and they will be livelier to work in harmony once they know each other over a catered meal. The likelihood of employees skipping the event reduces when there is a free meal provided by a professional caterer as everyone knows catered meals are delicious.

Boost Employee Morale

Ordering catered meal for employees at work shows that you value their contribution. This increases their interest to perform better and come to work every day. It nurtures a hardworking and thriving work environment.

Entice Potential Employees

A free meal served by Catering Melbourne provider is an excellent way to demonstrate the potential employee about the work environment and how the organization cares for the employees. It is not just the hefty salary that attracts employees; a candidate looks for several other benefits. Treating the employees with free lunch every week demonstrates to the potential employee how well you care for the employees. Whether it’s a big organization or a start-up, everyone needs to attract talent. A catered meal is a good way to entice potential employees into joining your organization. According to a study, free catered food at work is one of the top employee perks. Another study also says that 60 per cent of employees say they feel more valued by the employer when they are provided professionally catered meals at the office.

Increase Productivity

If you notice that your employees are sluggish and performing poorly, their health can be a factor. Too much fast food can make a person less energized and thus perform poorly. A professional caterer provides food that is rich in nutrients and is healthy for the body. They can enrich the body, mind, and soul of employees. Thus, increasing their productivity.

Interact with the Employees

In a work environment, the boss has very little time to interact with the employees on a personal level. This can create misunderstanding and the employees seeing the boss as an oppressor rather than a leader. A professionally catered meal is the perfect opportunity for the boss to bond with the individual members of the team and discuss things they enjoy over a delicious and healthy meal.

An Occasion to Acknowledge Performing Employees

A professionally catered lunch can also be used as an occasion to award or recognize employees that have performed exceptionally. Recognizing their contribution in front of the whole office will boost their morale while encouraging others to perform similarly.

It’s Less Stressful Compared to Potluck

If you have ever coordinated a potluck party at the office, you would know how stressful the whole process is. Hiring a professional caterer takes care of all the logistics and coordination issues that cause stress. You do not have to worry about anything – no more planning the meal, providing utensils, or setting up space. The catering service provider handles it all.

Caterers Can Accommodate People with Different Diets

People have different diet restrictions, and when you are providing lunch to a large group of people, you have to take care of their limitations. Caterer offers all kinds of food. Everyone in the group will find something of their liking.

Hiring a professional caterer for lunch at the office is one of the best ways to bond with the employees, promote healthy eating habits, and recognize employees, among numerous benefits. This trend has been proliferating in Australian companies with a majority offering catered lunch to employees at the office. If you haven’t yet, try it and see how it boosts the performance of the organization.


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