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When talking about high-quality sunglasses, the first thing that comes to mind is Ray Ban. Sophistication, modern design, and outstanding performance are some of the things that have made Ray Ban a top-selling eyewear brand for more than eight decades. If you are lucky enough to own a pair of these iconic sunglasses, then you have a firsthand experience with how they can complement your style while offering durability.

But what happens when your favorite pair of Ray Bans is past its glory days? Unfortunately, harsh conditions, extreme weather and wear and tear can damage your sunglasses. Leaving them exposed, dropping them on the floor, forgetting them in the car or scratching them with your keys are some of the scenarios which can happen to everyone. One solution for your timeworn sunglasses is to get a new pair. However, there is another convenient option. You can give your sunglasses the second life they deserve with Ray Ban polarized replacement lenses. Here is why you should consider replacing your lenses instead of buying a new pair.

Cost Friendly Solution

Great quality comes at a higher price. A new pair of Ray Bans can cost anywhere between 150$ and thousands of dollars, whereas a new pair of Ray Ban replacement lenses costs around 30$. You can revive your old sunglasses and save money for a new pair as well.

Time Efficient

It is a well-known fact that a pair of sunglasses can make or break a look. If you have already found the pair of Ray Bans that suits your face shape, just the thought of throwing them away can be heartbreaking. This is why you should consider giving them a second chance by replacing their lenses instead of searching for the perfect pair all over again.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Revamping your old sunglasses with Ray Ban lenses instead of throwing them away is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution. Did you know that one billion pairs of sunglasses are made each year? That means a lot of them end up in landfill. If you are or you are planning to become an eco conscious consumer this option is the right one for you. By reusing, recycling and reviving items you are contributing to the environment by reducing plastic waste.

If you opt for Ray Ban polarized replacement lenses, instead of buying a new pair of sunglasses, you should make sure that they match or exceed the original manufacturer’s quality. Ray Ban takes great pride in offering premium quality optics for full eye protection. Damaged lenses or cheap sunglasses can cause several eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts and ocular melanoma. Below are some of the things that you should look for in ray ban replacement lenses.


Genuine Ray Ban lenses are made of high-quality materials. Superior glass or plastic – it is up to you to choose. Glass lenses offer the most clarity, but they are more expensive, heavier and tend to shatter when dropped. If you are the adventurous type, plastic lenses made from polyamide may be better for you. They are durable, highly resistant and lightweight which makes them almost indestructible. This means you can safely engage in outdoor and sports activities.


If you own a polarized version of Ray Bans, you will need replacement lenses with prime polarization film. Back in the days, polarized lenses were used by fishermen and boaters to reduce glare from the water. Nowadays, the popularity of polarized lenses has increased because they offer clarity and definition. They improve vision and decrease eye fatigue which makes them suitable for numerous outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, surfing and driving. Italian and Japanese polarization technology has proven to be the best and the most effective.


UV rays are extremely dangerous and can cause several eye diseases. Prolonged exposure to UV light can permanently damage your eyesight and eventually lead to blindness. Ray Ban offers lenses with up to 100% UV protection. Your replacement lenses should have integrated UV filter that offers nothing less than the original. Having protection in mind, look for a manufacturer that complies with international safety standards.

Apart from the performance, Ray Ban sunglasses are a fashion statement. It is the brand that everyone wants to be seen in. Through the years, it has become an undeniable part of pop culture and fashion. Celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyonce, Brad Pitt, and many others can be seen rocking Ray Bans as their brand of choice. If you own a pair, it means that you are probably fashion-conscious individual. However, damaged lenses can take away from the stylish design of your sunglasses. Scratches make your eyewear look old, scruffy and worn out which contradicts with Ray Ban as a brand in the first place. Authentic Ray Ban replacement lenses will make your sunglasses look brand new. You can even switch things up if you like with a different lens color to give them a nice, fresh look.

Regarding the installation process, if you are dexterous and have the appropriate tools, you can do the replacement yourself. You will need a flat head or a Phillips head screwdriver and a piece of cloth to clean your sunglasses afterwards. The removing and installing of the lenses is different for different types of frames. There are metal frames with screws, clip in frames, and easy or hard plastic frames. The instructions and procedures for each and every type of frame are distinctive, so you will need to carefully determine every little detail to avoid breaking or damaging the sunglasses.

Of course, if this sounds like a hassle for you, then you can always ask for professional help. This way you can be sure that your sunglasses will look as good as new.

All things considered, replacing lenses is a quick, economical and eco-friendly way to give your favorite sunglasses a second chance, provided that you carefully choose the manufacturer, the type of the lenses, and install them properly.


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