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Do you have a printer and want to find easily, inexpensive ways to maintain it? Many people spend far too much money on paying to have their printers serviced, buying original inks, and only installing high quality paper. Let us show you some simple swaps that will help you maintain your machine for much less money, with the same outcomes.

Service Your Printer At Home

When you install your printer for the first time you should read the manual in its entirety but many of us do not have time to do that and so we install it and toss the manual in the back of the cupboard. However, the manual is vital to learning how to service your printer at home, saving you lots of money as you will not need to send your printer off to be serviced.

All you need to do is programme your machine to run the cleaning programme and then wait for it to complete. This will clear any blockages and keep the inner workings of your printer clean and ready to use. You can also take a moment to wipe down all the external, easy to reach parts that may have gotten dusty.

Buy Regular Paper

So many people are led to believe that printers work better if they have high quality, expensive printer paper to print on. This is not the case at all! Printers are able to print on a wide variety of surfaces without any problems at all and so it is worthwhile opting for the cheaper paper the next time you need to top you your stash.

Try to use the expensive paper for any important documents that you want to create and keep the regular paper for everyday use. This will save you money and will not affect your computer at all.

Install Replacement Inks

Cartridges for printers tend to be expensive if you choose to replace them with the original ink cartridge that you see for sale in the store. This does not need to be the case and using replacement ink is a great way to save a huge amount of money when it comes to maintaining your printer!

When it comes to choosing a replacement ink company, you should always spend your money with one that specialises in ink for printer devices. This way you can be certain that they have spent time refining the product and producing a quality offering that you can buy again and again. Just imagine how much you can save by using replacement inks!


As you can clearly see, these three quick changes will not only make it simpler to maintain your printer but you will also save a whole load of money that you had not even realised you have been wasting!

Make sure you take the time to check your user manual for guidance on where to locate to cleaning programme and spend some time researching suppliers like Smart Ink cartridges and budget paper suppliers before you spend any more money!


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