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Many people dream of getting a four-legged friend, but they cannot always afford it for various reasons. And when this happy moment is about to happen, it can be a little scary. Indeed, you become responsible for a living creature, for whom you will be the whole universe. Even people who had pets in the past find the appearance of a new pet an exciting and exhausting event. One can easily overlook something important that can simplify your life and create comfort for your new buddy, especially in its first days and weeks at your place. If you want to become your pet’s best friend and owner, you should prepare your apartment for its arrival beforehand and pay attention to the following moments.

1. Prepare other family members

If you have a family, you should make sure that other people don’t mind getting a pet. You should decide who will be responsible for feeding, walking, and cleaning the litter box when necessary. If you have small kids, you should teach them some rules on what they can and cannot do with a pet. You should discuss safe ways to play with a furry friend. And if you have other pets, you should make a plan and know how you will introduce a new family member to them. On the Internet, you can find useful tips on how to help different animals make friends. For example, they suggest giving your current pet something that belongs to a newcomer, so they will know its smell. Create a small safe zone where you can isolate your current pet to provide a newbie with a chance to investigate the environment.

2. Remove potentially harmful things

When your pet arrives, it will start investigating its new territory. Depending on your new pet’s breed and age, it is especially important to remove all potentially harmful things and those that the animal can damage. Cats like to jump and climb, so you should take things off the shelves at least till the moment you understand your pet’s character and its activity level. Besides, whatever pet you decide to get, you should hide chemical substances like household cleaning agents. Otherwise, your too investigative friend may get poisoned. The same goes for indoor plants whose juice is poisonous to animals. Thus, begonias, peace lily, and dracaena are especially dangerous, but unfortunately, cats like to chew on plants. You can search for the full list of virulent plans on the web to ensure the safety of your furry friends. Well, it will not be superfluous to replace all your plants and keep your pets off potential danger.

3. Purchase necessary supplies

Many people buy only food and water bowls, forgetting about other important items. If you don’t want to go to the pet store at the most uncomfortable moment, consider the list of required supplies beforehand. Thus, you will need the best rope dog leashes to keep it safe, and your cat will need a litter box. If you get a puppy, then it is worth thinking about pet barriers for rooms that it shouldn’t enter. You should provide your pet with a sleeping place and some toys to keep it entertained. If you are going to get a cat, it makes sense to purchase a cat tree so that it has a special place to climb in instead of cabinets or tables. Besides, a future cat owner shouldn’t forget about a scratching post if you want to keep your furniture safe.

4. Hide all potentially interesting but dangerous things

While small puppies adore chewing on some leather items, many cats like to chew on cords and ropes. Thus, your little investigator can find itself in danger if it decides to try on an electrical cord. Besides, such items increase the likelihood of choking. You should prepare your apartment for the newcomer and hide not only your favorite shoes but also power cords, curtain and shutter cords, yarn, thread and needles, decorative tassels, and anything that might resemble a string. Go around the house and check whether any holes can become a trap for your pet, and double-check if they are securely closed. If you have a dog door, you should make sure that a new pet (if it is a small one) cannot use it to escape. One more thing is to make sure that garbage cans are securely covered with tight-fitting lids.

5. Stock up on good pet food

It is best to examine the honest kitchen cat food review and alike articles before going to a pet store to avoid stomach problems. Besides, it would not be superfluous to ask the breeder or shelter about the pet’s food. Thus, you can get a small supply of food to change your pet’s diet gradually. You should choose healthy pet food that can meet the needs of your pet’s body. You can consult your vet about the most suitable food for your pet’s breed. The modern market offers a huge variety of options that come in different flavors, so you should find one your pet likes most. Besides, it is worth remembering that you should feed your pet either with dry or wet food only. Don’t mix them since it may result in an upset stomach. If you plan to start training your dog, it is worth stocking up on some goodies to make the training process easier and more pleasant for your pet.


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