Do you often slip on the kitchen floor when moving water-filled pots from the sink to the stove? This is quite dangerous for you as it may result in severe bone fractures. Have you ever thought to figure out this alarming issue? I think you never try to find its solution and keep ignoring the severity.

But I have a solution for you in the form of a pot filler faucet. You can fill the water in the pots when placed on the stove. Isn’t it amazing? It is tremendous and shows your dedication to your kitchen aesthetics. So, if you are renovating your kitchen, you can keep it on a hit list. But before making any final statement, make sure you know the pros and cons of pot filler faucets. Let’s find the difference!

Top 5 Pros of pot filler faucets – Make your choice

No more lifting of heavy pots

One of the main advantages of pot filler faucets, is you do not have to carry the water-filled pots. Especially if you have a vast kitchen and you carry the pot from one corner to the other, it may result in backache. If you are already suffering from back pain it will increase your problem. But when you will install these pot filler faucets above your stove, you will feel much relieve from the pain.

Make you multitasking

Pot filler faucets make you multitasking and save your time. Rather than sitting on the sink to wait for the fill-up of the pot, you can do it on the stove. Just keep a container on the stove and turn the faucet on to fill it. Side by side you can continue cooking on the next stove.

Pot filler faucets are convenient!

These faucets give you ease of cooking especially when you are short of time but have to host a big party. You can keep one hand on the oven and the second on the pot. If you want to get this convenience, install this faucet but do not forget to go through pot filler faucet reviews.

Avoid injury

This is one of the major problems that you can fall with a heavy load. Pot filler faucets give you safety from any injury. The heavy pots cannot only be dangerous for you but for the other person walking in your way. If accidentally, you bump into another person, water will spill all around. Both of you will slip on the floor and may result in fractures. It is also difficult for elder people to recover from such injuries. So, if you want to keep the safety of your loved ones, do not mess with the water-filled heavy pots.

Look elegant

Pot filler faucets add a charm and make your kitchen elegant. Your kitchen remains uncluttered and you do not have to mess with a number of pots. You can manage the space easily and fill the pot that you have to use. Any guest can get with a single look that how sophisticated you are.

Potential cons of pot filler faucets

Leak danger

Faucet and leakage remain side by side. Where there is a faucet, there could be leakage and it is the major drawback of pot filler faucets that they are present at the stove without any drain. If it is not installed properly, it can result in leakage. When the leak occurs, it may come from the spout or from the plumbing that you can not control. This dripping water can damage your appliances or cabinets and can cause constant trouble.

Maintenance issues

Cleaning and maintaining the filler faucet is not that easy. As it is installed right above the stove and results in a massive build-up of grease. The heat and smoke of cooked food cause the faucet to lose its shine. The cleaning of these faucets become more difficult if they are at height and you cannot reach that level.


One of the biggest concerns of most homeowners is the price of pot filler faucet. It is not going to be cheap to have a dual faucet set with separate valves. Then expenditure is not going to be stopped here. You have to manage the materials and installation costs. This will go best if you have a handsome budget and you are keen on cooking. But if you cook once or twice a year, you can spend your money on another up-gradation.


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