pool glass fence

If you’re an accomplished swimmer you may not be concerned with the risk of drowning. However, you should be. You need less than 1/2 cup of water in your lungs for you to drown. In other words, if your mouth and nose are covered in water you could drown.

If that’s not a sobering enough thought, then consider the fact that children are less aware of the risks. That’s why 192 children died from drowning between 2004 and 2017.

If you have a pool in your garden then you need to consider fencing it in, it’s the only way of ensuring that children can’t get into the pool without your knowledge and have a terrible accident.

In fact, in many places, you’ll find that fencing is obligatory, especially if you rent out part or all of the house.

Choosing Your Fencing

Now that you realize you need fencing it’s time to decide which one is going to do the job for you. In fact, the answer is quite simple. While a wood fence is cost-effective and a metal fence is incredibly strong the glass pool fencing is the most enticing. Here’s why.


If you place a fence around the pool in your garden you’ll disrupt the nice view across the yard. But, if you use glass fencing panels, this isn’t an issue. Glass allows you to maintain your view and keep an eye on the pool. That’s a good thing if your children are prone to getting in the pool without your knowledge.


Glass fencing is surprisingly strong. Each panel is made from reinforced and toughened glass. It’s designed to stay standing even if a child runs into it. On the rare occasion that a panel does break it remains intact but mottled, continuing to provide a barrier and ensuring that the child is unharmed.


Glass is incredibly durable, there is little that can damage it and, despite the worst wind and rain you can think of, the panel will still be stood there, doing its job.

The fact that a glass panel will last for years actually makes it more cost-effective than many cheaper materials.


Stick a wooden fence up and you’ll need to clean it annually which can be difficult with all the different patterns and grooves. You’ll also need to stain or paint it periodically.

Glass doesn’t need any of that. It can be cleaned in moments with warm water and a cloth. You can add vinegar to the water to ensure the glass sparkles. Wipe the glass clean and dry, you’ll find there are no smears and you’re good to enjoy the pool again.


Glass is see-through but that doesn’t mean there is only one style to choose. There are many different tints, etching possibilities, and even a decision regarding the framing of each panel. In short, you can really personalize a glass fence, which makes it the perfect solution for almost any home with a pool.


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