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If the woodwork is your current pleasurable hobby or even something to try in your foreseeable future, routers are a good piece of equipment to own. Having this power tool around the garage or wood workshop will make your life a lot easier because the possibilities of what you can do with a piece of wood are almost endless.

One type of this versatile power tool is a plunge router. This router is considered by specialists to be superior and can easily be used by professionals as well as persons who are just starting woodworking. As long as you have a functioning plunge router, jig, and router bits, you should have no problems.

What are Plunge routers?

A plunge router is woodwork equipment with two springs at the side of the power tool. This allows the plunge router to move up and down on the wood. Based on the amount of force the user has behind the machine, the plunge router can, as the name suggests, ‘plunge’ into the wood from above cutting into the material.

Why do you need them?

There is so much that can be done with this equipment. At this rate, the question should be why don’t you have a plunge router rather than why do you need a plunge router. The plunge router has many features that slightly gives it an edge over other types of routers. Here are four reasons why the plunge router will leave no doubt in your mind as to why you must have this router.

1. More control over the router

The plunge router allows you to manually change the depth of the router to fit how far you want to cut into the wood. You have a lot of control over how the router moves, especially since it is dependent on the amount of force the user puts behind the router. When the plunge router is used in a vertical position, it is easy to maneuver more so than any other router due to its plunging motion.

2. Able to cut wood in the middle

Other routers such as a fixed based router do not allow the user to start cutting the wood from the middle, but the plunge router does. The design of the router enables you to do this. This is a useful feature of the router, making it a top contender for why you need this particular router. You don’t want to get excited about a wood project and then be hampered by the router and unable to execute the desired cut. With the plunge router, this will not be an issue.

3. Has built-in bit protection

The plunge has a built-in bit protection feature. When the bit is not in use, the user can manually disengage the bit. This protection measure is not just good for preserving the pit in the plunging router but also your fingers and the surface you are working on from any accidents or knicks.

4. You have the option of adjusting it to become fixed

There are two types of routers plunge and fixed based router. The plunge router offers the opportunity of adjusting the router to be set if you need it to make precise cuts at the edge of the wood. This makes it a no brainer as to how handy this one tool is since it can turn into another type of router with a straightforward addition.

All in All

Routers are excellent power tools to have when doing any woodwork. The plunge router is especially useful because it is very versatile. With two springs at the side of the router, it allows the router to move in a plunging fashion. If you are not too sure about why you need a plunging router, these four reasons will change your mind.


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