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When you do good for others, it can make you feel better about yourself as well as knowing you are helping and being a valuable member of society. When managing on a budget, it can become more problematic to live a philanthropic life. However, that does not mean that there are not ways around it. Continue reading for our guide on philanthropy on a budget.

Give Your Time

It can be hard to find time to do all the things we want to in life, but if one of your aims is to help others, time could be the most important thing you offer. This is particularly useful if you are living on a budget or facing debt. Consider what skills you must share with others and see if any local charities or organizations could use your help.

Additionally, you may wish to simply help your neighbors by mowing their lawns, doing their shopping, or painting their fences. Time is precious and could mean so much.

Give Your Belongings

As human beings, we often have way too many belongings that sit around gathering dust rather than serving a purpose to our lives. You could kill two birds with one stone by giving your things away. There are many people living in all neighborhoods who are struggling to fend for themselves and provide their family with what they need. From underused coffee tables to half used tins of paint, most homes will be packed with items that they could offer to others to help.

Give Food

It can be tricky to give food to the homeless or those who are vulnerable when the budget is tight at home. However, that does not make it impossible. Rather than taking on a mammoth task all by yourself, encourage your friends and neighbors to join you in whipping up a feast to take to your local homeless shelter (organize with them in advance, of course).

To cut costs, be sure to invest in bulk canned food and frozen vegetables. While these are tasty, they are likely to be much cheaper in price, helping you to feed hungry mouths for less. It is also worthwhile asking local businesses, such as bakers and butchers, to see if they will provide unsold items. If you get these well in advance of the cooking, put them in the freezer to ensure they are still ok to eat.

Give Blood

Times are hard for many right now and while helping through giving money or unwanted items can be helpful, for some, money will not solve their problems. Blood transfusions are essential for many health conditions and following serious accidents. Giving blood could save a life. While it may be a little uncomfortable for you, but ultimately, a few minutes of discomfort can make a significant difference without costing you any money, just a little time.

Remember that you never know when you may end up needing someone else to have done the same amazing deed. Bone marrow, plasma and platelets are other options if you are looking to donate medically.

Give For Free

When purchasing items online or in certain stores, you may have the option to donate a little to a specified charity without even spending any more. For example, Amazon smile gives you the chance to choose a worthy cause. Each time you spend money on the website, a proportion of that money is then passed on to your chosen charity. Some shops also give you similar options if you have a loyalty card with them.

Give Something New a Go

Raising money for charity can be a fantastic way of giving something back to a cause that means a lot to you, your family, or your friends. Trying something new and getting sponsorship for it, such as bungee jumping, freefalling or even running a marathon, can be both fun and fulfilling. Living a philanthropic life involves putting yourself second whilst focusing on doing good for other people. Chat to friends who have taken part in similar endeavors to see what they recommend.

Give Your Body

It may seem like a silly suggestion but carry on reading. When you die, your body could provide important organs to someone in desperate need, so consider signing up for organ donation. Be sure to tell you family and friends about your decision; encouraging them to sign up too will be beneficial.

Furthermore, some bodies can be used for scientific research, which can help to improve knowledge and revolutionize the medical profession.


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