Bride with two women in garden holding bouquets

Who needs uniformity? After all, part of the splendor of a wedding is the collective barrage of color and pattern here there and everywhere – especially in nontraditional ways. It is, of course, important to have a fluid theme wrapping each aspect of the ceremony and reception into a beautiful bundle. But even so, there’s more than enough room to be creative and classy without feeling restricted by sameness.

Festive garb is the perfect place to display some individuality. Few things cause as much strife as six women all trying to fit into identical dresses. Likewise, guys don’t want to feel like an Ivy League choir with collars and bowties as stiff as the plastic they came in. Moreover, asking your friends to break the bank on an outfit they will wear for a few hours isn’t exactly great form.

So, shake it up. For the maid of honor and bridesmaids, allow each woman to choose a dress that flatters her figure. Maybe one will wear strapless and flowing while another dons a more formfitting cap sleeve number. Even better, each girl should wear her hair how it looks best – shaggy, curly, swept up, half-up, whatever as long as it’s flattering! Hairpiece and jewelry should compliment her and her style, and can come in a range of shapes, sizes and sparkle. And who said shoes all have to be the same? Pick the color for the footwear and leave the style to the girls – wedges, pumps, boots, can all coexist beautifully! As for the men, they can all sport differently patterned shirts and accessories (yes, accessories are for men as well). Pinstripe, plaids, solids, bowties, skinny ties, suspenders or no suspenders, and boutonnieres can all be in the same color family without being identical. Where facial hair is concerned, presentable and handsome is the only standard. It’s okay to ban pirate-like mustaches and gnome beards if they aren’t with the flow, but let boys be boys as much as possible and the wedding videographer will thank you for the great images.

Take your wedding colors and expand the spectrum a little bit. A good way to visualize this is to stop by Home Depot and grab a few paint cards! With several people spread out on either side of the altar, may shades of the same color family will look brilliant! Not only is this route more budget-friendly, but it also looks great for the wedding photographer. When looking back on your wedding day, you’ll be able to see each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen looking fantastic – just the way they already are.


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