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It is an inevitable part of life that everything gets dirty and descends into chaos unless we tend to our property and keep everything groomed. The outdoors is one of the most difficult areas to tackle because it is so massive. Many homes are built on acres of land. Homeowners often have too much clutter than they know what to do with if they are busy and lack disciplined self-organization skills. For this reason, I have put together a guide of 10 do-it-yourself outdoor cleaning steps and published it below.

Step #1: Eliminate Clutter

Decluttering is the first step before any cleaning can take place. Some homes have children’s toys, tools, junk parts, junk cars, or other contraptions that seem to be floating around. It can be expensive to create storage space for all the things that you own. The eventual result of running out of space is clutter all over your lawn and backyard.

Step #2: Sell Excess Property

If space is an issue, you may want to consider selling some of the things that you don’t get much out of and probably won’t need any time soon. As hard as it may be to throw things away or sell things at a yard sale or farmer’s market, it is a necessary evil for many homeowners to even begin cleaning up.

Step #3: Sweep and Rake

Dirt is going to accumulate on your sidewalk, porches, driveways, and in your garage. Leaves will build up quickly in the autumn and inundate your lawn with a layer of rich organic material. If you turn the leaves into mulch, it will strengthen your lawn and reduce the chances of weeds popping up next season. In order to have that prissy appearance that catches the eye, homeowners need to sweep and remove the leaves regularly.

Step #4: Tend to Your Landscaping

Most homes have grass, hedges, trees, gardens, and other landscaping materials such as stones and mulch that can start to look a little rough around the edges without continual maintenance. It only takes a single afternoon to mow the lawn, trim the hedges, and prune your overgrown trees.

Step #5: Power Wash Your Property

One of the best investments for your home is a power washer. A power washer will help
your remove graffiti from walls, gum from sidewalks, and layers of organic material from your siding. This is one job that you will probably want the professionals to handle, however. Call Pressure Cleaning JC Eco Blasting GC to restore the vibrant sparkle of your property. Although you can rent a power washer and do it yourself, you run the risk of damaging delicate surfaces or even shattering windows.

Step #6: Wash Your Windows

You should regularly wash your windows on the inside and outside for maximum clarity and a refreshing clean appearance. Most modern windows open with ease and are easy to clean on both sides. You can use plain old Windex or a professional glass cleaner that promises absolute transparency. You should not just wash your home windows but also garage windows, garage door windows, and any windows in the sheds.

Step #7: Clean the Patio Furniture

Many people have patio furniture in their homes that they never lift a finger to clean. Patio furniture is a magnet for dust and grime. Using a hose and a soapy sponge is often all it takes to get your patio furniture shining like new again.

Step #8: Grind Down Tree Stumps

If you want a clean look, you need to remove any unsightly tree stumps. A tree stump always has this unfinished, dead, and discordant look that detracts from the value of your home. You can use a chainsaw to make a horizontal cut as close to the ground as possible and use chemicals to remove it or a shovel to dig the rest out. Insert a plastic wedge into the truck if it is heavy and pinches your chainsaw. You can also rent a dedicated tree stump remover.

Step #9: Address Water Drainage Issues

A lot of dirt and grime can accumulate on a property if it is suffering from water drainage issues. You may need to install permeable paver stones to deal with pools of water in low lying areas.

Step #10: Clean Your Animal Pens

Whether you have dogs, chickens, rabbits, or some other exotic animals, a critical part of cleaning up your outdoor area is cleaning up after the animals. A lot of owners neglect to take care of this dirty job even though it is one of the most important. Failure to clean up after your pets can lead them to develop health problems and presents an unseemly sanitation and odor issue on your property.


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