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Outdoor kitchens have quickly become common compared to their earlier use by high-end custom homes. Today, it is becoming common to see families cooking outdoors. This is because many homeowners are becoming aware of the benefits of adding a patio kitchen to their home. Outdoor kitchens also have additional joys. However, adding an outdoor kitchen can be tiresome and daunting financially. Regardless of whether you are merely making use of your space or building a new house, Brisbane Outdoor Kitchen Designers will make the process simple for you. Creating an outdoor kitchen could also be a good investment for you. Here are the reasons why outdoor kitchens are becoming popular.

1. Increased Home Value

Currently, the real estate market is very fickle. When you invest in an outdoor kitchen, you are putting your house in line with the trends in kitchen remodels. As a result, you position yourself favorably in the real estate market. Hence, including an outdoor kitchen improves the resale value of your house. In a survey done by the National Association of Realtors, it was discovered that many home buyers would be willing to buy a house at a premium price if it had an outdoor living area. Therefore, many people are installing outdoor kitchens in their homes because they know the value it adds to their home. Nationally, outdoor kitchens return one hundred to two hundred percent of the improvement cost. This is also in consideration with the design and the proportionality of the kitchen with regards to the value of the home and its location. To add more value to the house, you can use the material with high quality to build your outdoor kitchen.

2. Increased Home Size

Outdoor kitchens are becoming popular because they expand the size of the house. They also increase the size of the kitchen. When you decide to invest in an outdoor kitchen, you are ultimately building a new room in your home. In this case, the extra room is outdoors. Additionally, it is easy to add this room outdoors because it doesn’t necessarily need walls and a roof. Also, you can use the space that you already have in your back porch. If you are lucky to have a covered patio, all you need is to add kitchen appliances, and you have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Also, building outdoor kitchens are more cost effective than expanding indoor home kitchens. Thus, many people are easing up to the idea of building outdoor kitchens because of the cost efficiency.

3. Improved Health and Wellness

One of the best reasons that are pushing people towards investing in outdoor kitchens is the improved level of wellness for the entire family. An outdoor kitchen gives you and your family an opportunity to spend more time outside. This means that you will gain all the benefits that come with spending time outdoors. These benefits include improved memory and concentration, sharper thinking, reduced stress, creativity and restored mental energy among other benefits. Additionally, outdoor kitchens invite grilling. Grilled foods have more taste. Also, the fat that drips off of meats during the process of grilling results in the consumption of food that is healthier because of the low quantity of calories present. Such foods are suitable for the waistline. Hence, an investment in an outdoor kitchen is ideally an investment in the wellness of your family.

4. Saves Utility Bills

Another advantage of having an outdoor kitchen is that it saves home utility bills. Outdoor kitchens are mostly used during the summer. Today, many people are using the outdoor space during cold seasons as well. When you spend time in the patio cooking, the air conditioner in the house doesn’t work overtime as it tries to cool your home. Additionally, the process of baking, roasting, broiling and frying food in the kitchen increases the heat in the house. The increased heat, in turn, increases the temperature degree and the result is your air conditioner kicking into overdrive. All the heat produced while cooking outside won’t affect the functioning of your air conditioner. Hence, you end up saving on energy consumption.

5. Good Entertainment Space

Outdoor kitchens are becoming common because they provide the perfect space for entertaining. Many outdoor kitchens have grills on the patio. Guests can then gather around the barbeque grill and socialize while they wait for dinner to be prepared. Such a gathering can be done inside the house as well. However, indoor kitchens tend to be crowded when everyone is hanging out with the cook. On the other hand, outdoor kitchens have enough space for gathering and cooking. To increase the comfort of your guests, you can add patio heaters, strings of light, furniture and some good music. Apart from having guests over, you can also use the outdoor cooking area to celebrate occasions such as birthdays with your family and friends.

6. Keeps the Smell Outside

Different types of food produce different smells. You might be cooking something that smells delicious, and other times you might find yourself cooking something that doesn’t smell so good. For instance, foods such as fish and deep-fried items on the menu tend to leave aromas that linger in the house for days. Thus, many people prefer to prepare such odiferous foods outside. This is because an outdoor kitchen will keep such odors out, leaving the house smelling fresh and clean.

7. Saves Money on Restaurant Meals

Another reason that has popularized the buildup of outdoor kitchens is the appeal that it brings to the home, making it a preferred location to a restaurant. When you finally have a dining area and a patio cooking area in your backyard, it becomes difficult to go out to eat in a restaurant. Restaurants can be very costly especially if they are visited often. Therefore, instead of dining out for a night, dining under the sky in your patio keeps a couple of dollars in your pocket.


Having an outdoor kitchen is becoming popular because it is fun and it is bound to pay off eventually. However, ensure that your outdoor kitchen is built correctly using quality materials.


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