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When choosing a formula for their baby, parents need to be 100% sure that they have chosen the perfect and organic formula.

Organic formulas are formulas that are Organic certified. These include at least 95% natural and healthy products. Natural baby formula comes from dairy products produced without the use of insecticides, antibiotics or growth hormones.

Organic formulas are often packed with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and oligosaccharides. These foods help create a healthy intestinal balance in your baby that facilitates digestion for them and strengthens their overall immune system.

There are international certification organizations that coordinate certification among different countries to ensure the import and export of healthy and safe products for consumers.

Depending on the country of the producer, certification rules are different, but provide for quality growing, processing, storage, packaging and transportation of organic products. Many consumers rely on the logos of certified products as a sign of safety.

European Organic Certification

European organic certification is a legally valid certificate issued to farmers, retailers, seed suppliers and food processors.

European organic certification is a guarantee that the product has passed the test of quality and productivity of this type of product. Certification includes: filing an application, evaluation of products, making a decision and further demonstration. The process of testing the products, as a rule, comply with international standards.

Certification of Organic Products In the United States

The FDA is the U.S. regulatory agency for organic certification. It is responsible for preserving public health by regulating and controlling food safety. There are other certification plans in the U.S., such as the National Organic Program (NOP) and the Organic System Regulatory Program.

There are four different levels of certification of food products for organic agriculture. These levels include 100% organic certification. This means that the product grows without the use of inorganic ingredients and does not contain chemical contaminants.

Certification Requirements

Companies that issue organic certificates require:

  • No GMOs
  • No hormones or steroids
  • Small antibiotics are used only for animal health
  • 95% organic ingredients
  • Animals eat a 100% organic diet without synthetic substances
  • Strict quality controls
  • Without Preservatives or Synthesizers

In addition, organic products must be grown on unpolluted soils in environmentally friendly regions. Organic products cannot be genetically modified and must ensure the conservation and restoration of natural resources at any stage of its life cycle. During the cultivation of organic products the use of dressed seeds is unacceptable. Certification of both the production process and the product itself is a prerequisite for the product to be considered organic.

Also, organic products can be considered only those that are grown on soils in three years, during which all the above requirements will be adhered to. Products grown during the first three years will be considered “transitional”, that is, it will be a transitional product to organic production. Animal feed must also contain organic products, no dangerous ingredients are allowed, including antibiotics and hormones. Prophylactics and homeopathic medicines must be used to treat animals. The animals themselves must be kept in conditions that provide access to sun and fresh air. When processing raw materials for organic food, X-ray treatment is not allowed and the amount of additives is greatly restricted.

Which Formula Do Pediatricians Recommend

Of course, doctors in the U.S. always recommend that moms choose an American-certified baby formula. But the European organic formula is no worse and takes its rightful place in the competitive market. It is impossible to buy this product on the shelves of American stores, but you can order it from an online store.

Online delivery has become available all over the world and people quickly get what they want. The European formula has a certification that is different from the American formula.


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