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Are you gaining some extra pounds sitting at home in quarantine? Worried about how to attain that desired body without going to the gym? Don’t Stress! Just pick up your dumbbells and start building your body online.

Everything we do in recent times, starting from buying clothes to getting services, is being done via the internet. So why not build that body you crave, online!

Bodybuilding is not only a good physical exercise, it is an art, only persuaded by those who dare.

When it comes to bodybuilding, we all get worked up and eager in the beginning only to give up slowly when the going gets tough. Hence we need someone to push us through the process and nothing better than doing it online with a certified coach.

How to Start Bodybuilding Online

Bodybuilding may be a good hobby for most of you, but for the pros, it’s a crime of passion. Maintaining a great physique is a challenge when you don’t have access to a gym. That’s why I bring to you the concept of hiring an online bodybuilding coach.

Are you making the right choice?

If you are planning to embark on the journey of online bodybuilding, ensure that you are making the right choice. Bodybuilding needs consistency and a bucket load of motivation. If you lack any of it, success will be tough to gain.

The program you choose should be tailored to your goals and level of fitness. Make sure that the goals are set by you and not by your friends or family. You don’t want to overwork those muscles to fit into someone else’s image of you. Pay close attention to the details of the package before selecting it.

Choosing the Appropriate Coach

Most of us start exercising, motivated by a prideful whim. We crank up the treadmill as if there is no tomorrow and end up injuring our muscles. That is why it’s crucial to have a personal trainer who will guide you through your routine and diet.

A vital part of selecting a trainer is doing some background checks. Education and qualification is the most important key to unlock a good fitness coach. You need to be absolutely confident that this person is going to focus on your needs, and care about your success.

If you are a beginner in bodybuilding then it’s necessary for you to choose someone who will be patient with your progress and will provide proper assessment and cater to routine according to your body weight and muscle quality. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Having the Essential Equipment

A Big Bad Body is totally achievable if you have the proper equipment for a good home workout. Some of these essential equipment are.

  • Balance ball
  • Kettlebell
  • Dumbbell
  • TRX bands
  • Resistance bands
  • Weighted jump rope
  • Weighted arm bands
  • Medicine ball

If you are a pro bodybuilder, then you would need the essentials for competitive bodybuilding.

A Proper Nutrition Plan

According to your requirements, you must set up a day to day meal plan to meet the right amount of nutrition that your body needs. This could either be for losing weight or gaining body mass. Understanding what your body wants is necessary, by doing it the right way.

Benefits of Online Bodybuilding

Of course, going to the gym provides immense satisfaction, however, bodybuilding at home has some astonishing benefits too.

Your own space and privacy

Having a perfectly chiseled body is definitely one to flaunt. Yet some of us seem to be uncomfortable at the thought of doing some push-ups in front of strangers, regardless of how godly carved our bodies are.

So if you are given an opportunity to get trained in the comforts of your own home, why not take it?

Through a continuous visual presence of your coach, you can acquire the same experience as training in a gym and all you have to do is turn your video on and create your own sanctuary at home. That way there is no invasion of your personal space and privacy and you don’t even have to worry about looking funny while working out.

Save Some Money

Honestly, having an online trainer is much cheaper than having a monthly membership in a gym or having a personal trainer.

Easy Access to Experienced Online Trainers

Since the whole system is online, it is easier for you to access coaches from different countries with different levels of experience. It allows you to choose according to your taste.

Amazing Mental Benefits

By training at home, not only are you getting the desired body, you are receiving the added mental satisfaction of working out.

Exercise is a good way to relieve stress, gain confidence, and have a clear thought process. It is a big stepping stone towards self-improvement and development. Haven’t we all felt good looking at ourselves in the mirror after a steaming workout?

Some cons of online bodybuilding

Not everything is good about online bodybuilding. There are some concerns that you need to evaluate and eliminate before starting your training.

Overload of Clients

Quite often, coaches tend to take too many students hence dividing their attention among a number of clients and sometimes prioritizing the higher paying ones. Make sure you choose some who puts you as their number one priority.

Excessive Unsupervised Workout

People training at home often push themselves too hard and end up straining their muscles. This can lead to serious muscle injuries and ligament tears. Therefore it is important to know when to stop and let your body rest. Progressive overload is the basic strategy you should follow.

Bad Communication

Sometimes Communication could be difficult online. Especially if your trainer does not make much effort to explain the course.

However, the pros triumph the cons (under proper appraisal and abolition) making online bodybuilding a very attractive option.

What Are You Waiting For? Pick Up Those Weights!

You don’t have to wait another day to go to the gym anymore. Get a personal trainer online and start molding your body at home. Bodybuilding is a challenging task. Once you start, you can’t give up.

It’s now or NEVER!


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