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Aside from Christmas, one of the most anticipated holidays in Germany when the “Ber” months kick in, is the Oktoberfest. People who are usually wearing Bavarian clothing gather to have fun in tents in some special venues. They listen to Bavarian band music to provide that merry atmosphere while drinking world-renowned beer.

Aside from the beer, there are still many other mouthwatering things worth to try and taste when Oktoberfest comes. Food that are perfect combinations with different hard drink mixes and beers are often the talk of the town during the festival. Here are seven must-try delicacies to taste at every Oktoberfest event!


Derived from the word Spatz which means little sparrow, Spaetzle is a German egg noodle pasta dish. People sometimes compare the dish to mac-n-cheese. The short noodles are irregular in shape and made from eggs mixed with flour and milk or water. The noodles are traditionally handmade. Most websites such as Foodal can give you an authentic spaetzle recipe you can try out!

Spaetzle consists of grated dough from a specialized wooden board. The dough is then set to boil in salted water. Once done, you can add toppings like fried onions, spinach, or minced pork liver. Other versions like käsespätzle have cheese to make it more delicious and have various flavors.


This sausage made from pork and veal will get your belly ready for the liters of strong beer you’re about to take in. This sausage is known as the weisswurst. It is a traditional food from Munich and is a popular dish every Oktoberfest. It has a white color and a smooth texture, unlike the other sausages, flavored with onion, parsley, bacon, salt, pepper, and a bit of lemon.

Did you know there’s a fun way on how to eat the weisswurst? It’s either you slice the sausage lengthwise and peel it, or cut the sausage’s tip and suck in that tasteful innards or zuzeln out of its skin like how locals do. Pretty fun, right? This dish is perfect for your fest celebration.


Germany is known for its pork recipes, but there’s no way nobody can’t turn one’s head for its tantalizing row of roasted chicken every Oktoberfest. The chickens are roasted mainly with paprika, parsley, and butter. People love Hendl so much that it’s estimated that almost 500,000 roasted chickens are served every fest.

The technique is that chicken must be spit-roasted until the skin becomes crispy and golden brown. In case you don’t own a rotisserie set up at your home, you can use lemon and thyme as butter to rub on the chicken before roasting in the oven to ensure crispness.


Being an iconic dish in Germany, schweinshaxe has a crispy, flavorful skin and tender, juicy meat. It is also called roasted pork knuckle because it is a pork knuckle flavored and seasoned with herbs and beer, making it popular and a classic food on Oktoberfest. It is usually served with a potato on the side and a portion of sauerkraut.

This dish is also served in variation in different places. In Berlin, the knuckle is served with mashed peas. It is also eaten with lentils in the eastern part of France. Going to China, the pork knuckle is cooked with soy sauce for a long time until the meat gets tender. There are many versions of it you can enjoy.


With all the anticipated liters of beer you have drunk, you will need absorbent carbs for the alcohol in your body. Brezen is a good snack for that. It is a German-style pretzel that is large and soft, served in a large plate with mustard and biergartens in the tents. The pretzel may also be filled with fat or butter. It is one of the fest snacks that you can grab-and-go.


If you’re looking for a tasty dip and spread for your brezen, bread, onions, and pickles, obatzda will be a great choice. It is a classic Bavarian recipe that is famous every Oktoberfest for its flavor. It composes cheese, butter, and beer. Perfect for snacks, partnered with hard drinks!

You can use several types of cheese with all of its variations. Some people use aged soft cheese such as Camembert or Brie, high-quality butter, and a little wheat beer. Moreover, the presence of paprika and garlic makes it fit for the celebrating feast.


Usually, schweinshaxe and roasted pork have this side dish called knödel. It is a classic German bread dumpling, made of potato or flour. It is shaped like a log, then sliced and fried, that can be as big as a softball. This dish is a nice tasty snack for the fest.


Oktoberfest dishes are indeed tasty and delicious. It’s even more fun because of the beer that’s literally flowing around.. However, be reminded that eating these foods in a high amount may put your health at risk. You should eat moderately and drink responsibly when celebrating this festive event.


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