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Brooklyn is known as New York City’s fastest growing boroughs and is thriving amidst rumours of it being dangerous. It has plenty to offer the residents and newcomers alike, such as magnificent views, parks, countless beaches and numerous events.

College students, couples, families, professionals, artists, global citizens and many people from New Jersey have been relocating to Brooklyn and thus adding to its rich diversity and culture.

There are about 100 reasons to move to Brooklyn, as you may already know since considering to move there.

Reasons you should move to Brooklyn

  1. You can see the sky in Brooklyn, unlike in Manhattan where the buildings are really high. You will also have access to uninterrupted views of all of Manhattans skyline, depending on where you are located. You can opt for a co-living house with great views by searching online the Outpost Club website. Here you will find many great finds that specifically suit your needs. Co-living houses come in various sizes with various prices depending on the exact location and how many occupants live in that home. They are a great alternative for those wanting to move to Brooklyn but need to try out neighbourhoods first. It is also ideal for those living on a budget as you will get a fully furnished home, at a fraction of the price of a rental apartment.
  2. If you have kids who will be going to college, it is ideal as there are many colleges to choose from, as well as universities and trade schools. This is where hopeful students can thrive and study in a calmer part of New York City. Some of the colleges even offer outdoor spaces on their campuses. You can study almost anything you want, in Brooklyn, from law to medicine and even art. Check out all the courses that are offered as you will surely find something suitable.
  3. If you want to experience Brooklyn’s rich culture, you can start by visiting the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Academy of Music, ST. Ann’s Warehouse, and various concerts held at the parks. They even have poetry readings at various cafes to also help you experience what the city has to offer. In Williamsburg you will find that graffiti is a huge part of this diverse borough. You will even find guided walking tours, so be sure to keep an eye out for this.
  4. If you are a music lover then you probably know that Brooklyn has big and eclectic music venues, like the Music Hall of Williamsburg to Littlefield in Gowanus. You will find some of the best music venues in the city, at Brooklyn. The music venues in the city tend to attract many visitors every weekend and offer unique talent and styles.
  5. If you love the beach then this may also be a great reason to move here. The beach is just a subway ride away. Brooklyn has beachfront properties at Coney Island and Brighton Beach and it’s just a subway ride away. If you are living in lower Brooklyn, it is a quick city bus trip away to these beautiful hidden beaches.
  6. Brooklyn has bigger parks which are less crowded than most places. In the summer, most parks have free concerts or movie screenings every weekend. Although they can become crowded, these parks are quite massive and people are spread throughout the vicinity. Consider Prospect Park, The Waterfront in BUMBO, the Coney Island Boardwalk and Red Hook which even offer activities such as biking and baseball.
  7. Brooklyn is divided into many different neighbourhoods, and each of them have their own history and sometimes even ethnic flavour. Brooklyn is bursting with diversity and personality, and its neighbourhoods are very close knit. It is one of the ideal places to raise a family and make a life for yourself.
  8. In comparison with many other places in the United States, Brooklyn is cheaper with its clothing prices, happy hour and even rentals. Brooklyn is a great way to experience New York City living, within a budget. You will find essentials like food, and other necessities are also much cheaper and you can conveniently travel from Brooklyn to other parts of NYC should the need arise.

Moving to NYC is a great change for you and your family. Brooklyn is one of the most affordable places in the city which offers you and your family a great community style living arrangement that will make you feel right at home.


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