move-out cleaning

Whether you are moving away from a rented apartment or a freshly-sold residential unit, it is common courtesy to make sure the place has been completely cleaned before you go. Otherwise, you might also violate a certain clause of your contract, since most leases state that you must leave your unit in the same condition it was when you first arrived.

Any damage left on the premises might cause additional charges, or even a lawsuit if you’re trying to resell your house at a condition that is different from what was initially agreed on.

Some people prefer hiring professional cleaning services to make sure that the house is thoroughly cleaned and ready for occupancy again. However, professional cleaners often come at a hefty price, and spending additional money on something you can do yourself might not be the best idea if you’re getting ready to move to another place. After all, moving in usually comes with a new set of expenses as well.

If you plan on cleaning the unit on your own, here are some tips from Pristine Home, move in move out cleaners in Sydney, Australia that will really help you out.

Prepare your Cleaning Tools

It is highly recommended to finish packing first before starting on your move-out deep clean, but make sure you don’t pack your cleaning supplies as well. This mistake will cost you some time when you’re finally in the mood to clean up, so avoid it by setting your cleaning materials aside and labelling them properly as you pack the rest of your belongings.

Try to prepare microfiber towels to clean surfaces instead of using wiping cloths or paper towels, as they are easier to clean and better-suited for several types of surface. Additionally, microfiber towels can lessen allergens, which bodes well for the next resident of the unit.

To make sure that every part of your house is cleaned back to pristine condition, we suggest making a house-cleaning checklist for every room. The checklist will serve as a guide to keep your cleaning organized and systematic.

Make Sure to Declutter Before Starting

Any house cleaner will tell you that decluttering is the first step towards a clean house. Before you start deep cleaning your home, make sure that everything that you will not need has been packed and taken out of the way.

Once the house is free of your packed boxes and furniture, it will be much easier for you to see what needs to be cleaned – dirty marks on the walls and the ceiling, holes on the flooring, and any damage on the doors and windows that normally gets hidden by the curtains. All the space will also it make it easier and safer for you to set up a ladder and remove any screws or nails left hanging on the upper walls and ceilings of your house.

An empty house will also make vacuuming a lot easier. Make sure to vacuum every room in the house to rid the floors of any dirt or residue that might have accumulated over the years of your stay. If there are wooden floors, you can also consider applying further treatment using cleansing oils to bring back its natural shine.

For tile or linoleum floors, mopping the surface once or twice after vacuuming should add a nice touch of glimmer to the room. For rooms that used heavy carpeting, you will need to check if the carpet can still be cleaned of dirt, marks and stains. Otherwise, it might be best to just get rid of the carpet and either get a new one or replace the floor style altogether.

Clean the Windows Meticulously

Windows are one of the most underrated features of the home, but they significantly affect the house’s overall look. Once you have cleaned the floors, walls and ceilings of your house, you should focus on making the windows look as good as new. Use a streak-free glass cleaner to bring back the windows’ sparkle, and make sure that you clean both sides of every window. After cleaning the windows, leave them open for a while to let out the smells from the cleaning products used.

You Need to Clean the Outdoors, Too

Deep-cleaning means you will also clean the outside of your home, not just the house itself. You want the entire property to look as good as possible for the next owner. Mow the lawn, cut the grass and remove any fallen twigs and leaves in your house’s area.

Clean out all your waste as soon as you finish sorting and packing; make sure there aren’t any leftover trash bags lying around when you leave. If there are any burnt-out light bulbs inside or outside the house, replace them and make sure the new lights work before you get the electricity turned off.

Cleaning and moving-out can be quite exhausting, but doing it right on the first try ensures that there won’t be any more headaches as you move into your new place.


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