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All the avid runners aren’t satisfied with running in the park, down the beach or around the block. After years of practice and dedication, they get ambitious and want something more. Even marathons in their home towns or countries become less interesting, so it’s understandable if they start traveling in search for more exciting marathons in other parts of the world. So, if you’re a marathon runner, who’s slowly getting bored with what’s offered to you nearby, here are the most scenic and gorgeous marathons around the world:

1. Sedona, Arizona

Maybe it sounds biased, but Sedona simply cannot be skipped on this list. For marathon enthusiasts, Runsedona is the perfect opportunity to compete and engage with other runners. The course is breathtaking and scenic, so if you also enjoy nature, this place is perfect for you. Arizona boasts a lot of canyons and hills which can be a welcome and exciting challenge for runners. Also, since Arizona is arid and basically a desert, marathons are usually in winter. The upcoming 2020 marathon will be in February 2020. Aside from it being home to marathon tradition, Sedona is also beautiful during all seasons which makes it a perfect place to visit throughout the whole year.

2. Loch Ness marathon, Scotland

For those preferring lovely Scottish nature, Loch Ness marathon is a perfect choice. The track itself can be a bit tricky since it tends to have a couple of undulations and an uphill section, but for those who truly love running, this shouldn’t be a problem. This race is extremely scenic since it’s surrounding by Highlands. The whole route is far from the regular routes in the middle of the city, so if you prefer to get moving in a peaceful and quiet place, then Loch Ness marathon will be just for you. The atmosphere is friendly and casual, and there’s even a hot meal after the race. Locals are very welcoming and supportive which can only be a plus.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark is known for its beautiful architecture and the mermaid statue, so it’s no wonder it’s also popular among tourist of all age groups. But, also, for those who love running, choosing the Copenhagen marathon is definitely the right thing to do, as it gathers people from all over the globe. In recent years, the women participation rate has increased by 27%, which shows that this marathon is suitable for everyone. So if you’re looking to run and meet people from other countries, there’s no better place than this one. Besides, Copenhagen is also known for its vibrant culture: there are many museums, bars, cafes, and restaurants. For those who love cycling, it’s important to mention that Copenhagen has a lot of cycling routes since Copenhageners love biking as a way of transportation. And if you feel like indulging in some bohemian fun, then visit Christiania Freetown, a hippie commune where you can meet interesting people and eat some of the tastiest vegan burgers.

4. Angkor Wat marathon, Cambodia

There’s nothing more magical than running through Angkor Wat, one of the best-known Buddhist temples in the world, so if you’re intending to visit a new place and have a unique experience, then this is the place to be. For those who prefer a half-marathon or a few 10 km races should come in December, but it’s necessary to be careful and check for the exact date. Also, after the race you can stay and spend Christmas in gorgeous Cambodia, which also has islands where you can party, relax or dive, depending on your preferences. Anyway, for people who love running and mindfulness, there’s no better place than Cambodian Angkor Wat where you can observe monkeys, run and meditate.

5. Serifos sunset race, Greece

Greece is mostly known for its islands and ouzo, but did you also know that you can also run a marathon in this stunning country? This race takes place on an idyllic Serifos island, in September, and for those who have families, there are also swimming activities and children’s races. And after you get tired of serious running, there are also fun runs to relax and enjoy yourself. When it comes to relaxing, there are also many luxurious hotels, villas, and spas on the island. So if you’re looking for a scenic marathon that takes place in September, then Serifos is the place you should consider visiting.

To sum up, choosing a marathon destination abroad isn’t always easy, but all of these are gorgeous and have various difficulty levels. But above all, they are scenic, so aside from running, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful landscapes, nature, and architecture.


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