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Seeking a way to enhance your apps’ position? Your marketing strategy isn’t complete if you aren’t using mobile app promotion services. As your main goal is improving the conversion of your app and getting more revenue, you’re certainly searching for new methods to solve this problem. Sometimes the choice of the right provider can be hard. But it is so until you get the basic idea about their particularities. Different types of platforms have their features, pros, and cons. To draw your attention to the ones that could be proficient for you, we want to consider several types in this article.

Let’s have a look at the possible ways of promotion. One of them is a promotion by incentive installs. You pay for a specific number of installs per day and boost the rank of your app in search. These installs are made by specific search inquiries – keywords. Keywords are words and phrases that users enter in the search field of Play Market or App Store. If you want your app to be in the search results by a particular keyword, you should order incentive installs. It means that incentive users are looking for your app by a certain search input and download it from the search results. The installs can be made either by bots or real people. Let’s find out more about both types.

The key advantage of installs made by real people is that you can give a specific task for them. For instance, you can ask them to enter the keyword, scroll the page with results till your app, download it, open it, and simulate in-app activity. They won’t make any purchases, so you can’t make a profit from such installs. But in this way, you show the algorithm that your app is in demand and your position will grow. Besides, you can ask these people for app retention: to keep it on their phones and repeat the activity within 2, 3, 5, or 7 days. That will demonstrate more credible user’s behavior. Note that working with real people will be effective if you need 20-30 installs per day. It will be challenging to find people for more downloads. Besides, you won’t be able to control whether they’re performing the right task like operating from the correct region. Thus, for a bigger amount of installs you should use bots. Bots exclude a human factor and you can omit situations where something can go wrong. They download apps as well and perform enough activity so that it is counted as an install. So, in both cases, your rank will profit from these incentive actions. The thing is that using bots is more reasonable if you need a large number of installs and want to make sure that all of them will be done in the correct manner.

The next point is tracking your progress. You can use multiple platforms to analyze the dynamic of your app’s position. However, all of them use different formulas to calculate the changes. You may be confused if you’re monitoring the data on several services simultaneously since there won’t be any consistency. Therefore, the best way to get the most precise and up-to-date information is by using the developer’s console. How to understand how many incentive installs were delivered? It’s as simple as ABC. If you see that there are 50 installs per day and you have ordered 30, then 30 of them are made by incentive users, and 20 downloads are from organic traffic. The higher is your rank the more organic traffic you’ll get. But also the more incentive installs you need to move further.

All in all, promotion by keywords ensure you a higher position in the search results. For example, you can use a specialized platform to buy installs but also track the history of your rank and to order ASO for your app. It’s up for you to choose whether you want bots or real people to make incentive installs. The significant factors are the number of installs and their correctness. Bots are more reliable, although real users can provide a personalized experience and app retention. Your decision should base on your needs, particularities, and imply a consistent promotion strategy. Use mobile app promotion services reasonably and make things happen!


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