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A soft plush luxury bath towel is surely what you need after a warm bath. It is comforting and soothing at the same time. However, we all know how most of these towels texture change after just a few washes. They deteriorate to the extent of not absorbing the water on the body. This is not only uncomfortable but frustrating as well. If you are among the majority who needs a towel to absorb all the water on the body and feel smooth on the skin while doing so, what you are looking for is a Mizu towel. Therefore, this article will share everything you need to know about Mizu luxury bath towels and how they can impact your personal life.

Sometimes, people love ordering items online due to the convenience involved. However, it becomes a challenge when what you ordered is not what is delivered. But fortunately, Mizu towels have been able to bridge this gap in a commendable way. Mizu towels also contain the best features you could be seeking from a towel. Mizu towel has it all right from softness, hygiene, durability and size.

Why Mizu towels?

1. High-quality

Mizu towel is a brand based in Imabari, Japan. Here, they have the best spinning and weaving skills which result in high-quality towels. No wonder it is sometimes referred to as the towel making capital. Mizu has combined both the craftsmanship and technology to produce not only the best but also the smartest towels in the world. Because Mizu towels have been designed by a team of MIT PhD holders, engineers, scientists and university Deans. Through the best knowledge, trial & error, they have managed to come up with the cosiest, luxurious and hygienic towels.

Mizu towels have been made using cotton because of its good quality and efficiency in absorbing water on the body. It is able to do so because it has larger spaces between the threads. Furthermore, Japanese cotton is the best and cannot be compared with regular cotton, bamboo or microfiber found in regular towels. The materials used on Mizu towels have denser loops which add softness, absorbency, fluffiness and luxury to the towels.

2. Extra-ordinary craftsmanship

The skills behind the crafting of Mizu towels result in soft and high-absorbent towels, something rare to find in other towels. First of all, the manufacturing process of Mizu towels begins with hand harvesting of cotton. Then, a traditional machine is used to weave the cotton. This is particularly important because it maintains the quality of the threads and reduces damages. The manufacturer uses a low amount of chemicals to dye the towels and maintains the towels’ softness. More so, the towels are cleaned using metal-free spring water from the mountains. This way, every thread in those towels conserves its softness without being contaminated.

3. Durability

Mizu towels are extremely durable. This means that your Mizu towel won’t begin to disappoint you after a few washes. You will still enjoy the softness and cosiness of your towel even after many washes. The good thing when it comes to durability is that Mizu towels won’t disappoint you. The cotton is weaved traditionally to ensure the threads does not come out. When you add on the weaving skills, you can be guaranteed that your Mizu towel will remain cosy and fluffy even after multiple washes. Also, the towels are lint-free.

4. Fights bacteria

If you have never heard about bacteria-fighting towels, that’s probably because you haven’t found out the features of Mizu towels. These are indeed exceptional. This smart towel doesn’t create a home to a vast number of bacteria as it is the case with the usual towels. After a bath, the towel becomes dump and this can create a home to most bacteria and make it unhygienic.

However, this is not the case with Mizu towel. Instead of allowing the germs to grow and multiply, it kills them to offer hygiene. Mizu contains natural and pure infused silver fibres which helps in removing bacteria from the towel. They also prevent the growth of germs for cleaner towels. This is a very useful feature which makes this towel suitable for babies as well. If you have sensitive skin, the Mizu towel is the best choice for you. As for when to wash your towel, it will guide you on that as well. The colour-changing strips at the ends detect the presence of impurities such as soap, sweat and general dirt and change the colour. The colour change is meant to let you know that it is time to wash your towel.

5. High-absorbency rate

Another feature that keeps Mizu towels ahead of the rest, is their impressive absorbency rate. It does its job in a fantastic way and leaves the user satisfied. Otherwise, what is the point of using a towel that won’t absorb the moisture on your skin immediately it comes in contact with it? If you have been having towels that disappoint you with the way they absorb water on the body, try the Mizu towel and you won’t be disappointed. These smart towels are not the best in the market for nothing.

6. Different sizes

While this may be overlooked by many people, towel size is equally important. Mizu towels come in a variety of sizes right from hand, bath and baby towel sizes. The towels are almost 50% larger when compared to the regular towels. If you are looking for a bath towel, make sure you go for a bigger size since it will absorb the water more efficiently.

The bottom line

With all the benefits, Mizu towels have proven to be among the best in the market so far. They are among the best towels you are likely to come across in the market. They combine the fast-drying and high-absorbency features to ensure you enjoy your bath and get the value for your money. Hence, switch to this smart towel and enjoy its multiple features such as durability, softness and hygienic.


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