One of the most tasking things to do is set up the lounge for a small apartment. For most people the limited space is a difficult hurdle to overcome. However, it’s possible to set up a beautiful lounge in a small apartment. Here is how:

L-Shaped Lounge

The L-sofa is a great furniture piece for small apartments. It makes use of corner spaces which are often non-functional.

The L-shaped lounge can also seat many people comfortably. The design is flexible enough to comfortably accommodate several users even with a tight fit.

There are numerous size options for L-sofas. For small apartments it’s paramount to go with dimensions that fit into your space. Watch out for doors and passageways.

Moreover, select sleek lightweight designs with minimalistic styles like a leather lounge. Monochrome colouroptions with bright pillows are great for L-sofas. Patterns on the cushion should also be simple and clear. All these design options make the lounge space look and feel good.

Two Seater Options

Most living room spaces accommodate at least one three seater sofa. Unfortunately, in a small apartment the three seater options might be a tight squeeze.

Don’t be afraid to settle for a two seater sofa. It might limit the sitting space but it will definitely open up the living area. You can also combine the sofa with stools or benches to increase sitting areas.

If you are in a small apartment chances are you are few occupants. Therefore, there is no need to take large furniture pieces that will barely be used.

Single Seater

A single seater is a great accent chair for a small apartment. The chair takes up little space and accentuates the final look of the lounge.

The best single seater is one that contrasts the colour theme of the lounge. This design has a unique appeal and ties all elements of the room together. A leather lounge is also a unique option for a single seater.

A single seater is a great spot to read books, catch up on your favourite magazine or do some light work on your laptop. It’s also a nice place to place a floor lamp stand for late night reading.

Multipurpose Lounge

Some modern furniture pieces serve multiple functions. They have hidden compartments that function as storage spaces.

Ottoman benches are popular for doubling up as storage furniture pieces. Moreover, some sofas can double up as beds. This comes in handy at the event that you are hosting a guest.

Coffee Tables

Although small apartments have limited spaces they can still accommodate coffee tables. You only have to choose a table that fits well in the space. Custom tables are the best since they are designed to match the dimensions to your lounge.

A multipurpose coffee table would be the best choice for a small lounge considering the limited space.

Nonetheless, if your space is very limited, you can work with a sofa side table. It takes up little space and provides a good surface.

Carpet and Rugs

Carpets do wonders in lounges for small spaces. They make the room cozy and the material feels good on the feet. Moreover, carpets enhance the design of a lounge space.

There are numerous material and colour options for carpets. You can match the carpets with your curtains, pillows or walls.

The material choice is dependent on your personal preference. Therefore, there are no limitations.

Wall to wall carpets are great for small lounges. However, small rugs with bare areas still look good. You can also combine the two for more design versatility.

Additional Accessories

The limited space in small lounges forces occupants to make careful selections for their lounge accessories.

Paintings are great for small spaces since they only take up wall space. Big pieces give the illusion of a big space and enhance the beauty of the lounge.

Mirrors are also a great addition. Contrary to popular opinion, mirrors are not made for bathrooms and bedrooms. They improve the lighting in lounge areas and make the space feel twice as big.

Flowers and potted plants are also great accessories that work well in small lounge spaces. They bring life to the space while enhancing the interior design. You can either hang the potted plants or place them on a window ledge to avoid taking floor space.

The limited dimensions of a small lounge area are not a limitation to your creativity. You can still style your lounge to meet your preference. So just do it.


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